Disgrace: Comey “Would Have to Think About” Giving Trump Classified Information

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey said that he would have to consider whether to show President Donald J. Trump classified intel if were still leading America’s top law enforcement agency.

Comey, famous for turning the once-revered FBI into a three ring circus, made his comments on “Newsnight,” a nightly news program on Britain’s BBC, which will air this evening, according The Hill who received an advanced audio tape.

“You’d have to think about it [with Trump] in a way you probably wouldn’t have with other presidents,” he said, referring to whether he would allow the duly elected President of the United States access to classified intel.

Comey then admitted that he might even circumvent the Constitution if he so-pleased by making a personal judgment as to whether the President is fit to see such information.

“You’d have to be very careful, because you have an obligation under our Constitution and the structure of our government to make sure the president has the information the president needs,” Comey said.

That’s right – the supposedly non-partisan law enforcement officer would consider breaking the law if he felt like it was the best thing to do. Forget the 63 million people who voted for Trump to have access to classified information. Jim Comey would have made himself the gatekeeper.

In February 2017, Business Insider reported that U.S. intelligence agencies were withholding sensitive information from the President. At that time, Comey was still in charge at the FBI. Was Comey behind that charade, actively undermining Trump?

One thing is becoming clear. Comey’s book tour is sure to be very revealing, and could do more damage to an agency that many people are already questioning.

To that end, and for the sheer entertainment value, the rest of Comey’s book tour should be marvelous.