Disgraced Former Congresswoman Katie Hill is Reinvented by Fake News Media as Victim and Hero

Former Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA), who was forced to resign from Congress after having inappropriate sexual relationships with staffers, is painting herself as the victim with help from the fake news media.

Hill penned an op/ed in the New York Times this weekend in which she refused to take any responsibility for her own actions. Her naked pictures were released to the public from the “throuple” she had with her estranged husband and a female underling.

“After the images came out, as I lay curled up in my bed with my mind in the darkest places it’s ever been, countless texts and voice mails came from donors, friends, volunteers and voters sending love. But they couldn’t drown out the horrible messages and calls from people who found my phone number on the internet,” wrote Hill, who identifies as bisexual.

“Many people have nightmares in which they’re naked in public, trapped and trying to escape. In the days leading up to my resignation, my life was just like everyone’s worst nightmare. Millions of people had seen pictures of me naked,” she added.

She claims without evidence that her estranged husband abused her and leaked the embarrassing naked pictures of her. In the age of #metoo, an empowered woman such as Hill never has to take ownership of her own behavior under any circumstances.

“The fear that my husband would ruin me hung over me every day. I knew the risk when I left, but I thought I didn’t have a choice, and despite the threat, I felt better than I had in years,” Hill wrote.

To score even more victim sympathy points, Hill even claimed that she contemplated suicide as she drank a bottle of wine in a bathtub by herself following her resignation from Congress.

“The bath water had gone cold. The wine bottle was empty. Suddenly and with total clarity, I just wanted it all to be over,” she wrote.

Despite being a disgraced public figure who used her position of authority to coerce sexual favors out of staffers, Hill hopes to rehabilitate her political career. She finished her op/ed with a boast that she would be back before long.

“I don’t know exactly what’s ahead for me, and I know there’s a lot more pain ahead. But I’m in the fight, and I’m glad it’s not all over after all,” Hill wrote.

Her victim op/ed is a continuation of her whiny resignation speech on the Congressional floor last month.

“I’m leaving because I didn’t want to be peddled by papers and blogs and websites used by shameless operatives for the dirtiest gutter politics I’ve ever seen, and the right wing media, to drive clicks and expand their audience by distributing intimate photos of me taken without my knowledge or consent for the sexual entertainment of millions,” she said.

Hill’s lack of humility, self-awareness and grace show why America is better off without this sexual deviant serving in public office.

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