Disgraced Former Republican Justin Amash Plots with AOC on Day of Impeachment Vote

Justin Amash, the whiny Never Trumper loser who has fought Trump tooth and nail for 3 years, was spotted in the House chamber plotting with socialist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez on the day Nancy Pelosi’s sham impeachment goes to a vote.

This is no surprise that Amash, a career politician who has held no job outside of elected office or his parent’s company, has turned his back on limited government principles, instead endorsing a partisan witch hunt to overthrow the 2016 election because he didn’t like the results.

The Never Trump loser has had a singular focus seemingly since Trump took office. This position of anti-Trump, no matter if he’s even trying to end wars, forced Amash to slither away from the Republican Party in favor of becoming an ‘independent’ while effectively becoming the Democrats’ chief spokesman for impeachment.

Here’s some of the headlines we’ve ran to cover Amash’s dramatic turn to the left:

WITCH HUNT: Congressional Democrats—Joined by Former GOP Traitor Justin Amash—Approve Impeachment Resolution

Justin Amash: ‘Highly Incriminating Transcript’ of Ukraine Phone Call Justifies Trump’s Impeachment

Justin Amash White Knights for Socialist Democrats, Calls President Trump ‘Racist and Disgusting’

Michigan’s Third District is Fed Up with Justin: ‘I Don’t Know Why Amash Even [Ran] As A Republican’

Big League reported on Justin Amash’s choice to abuse the power of congress and impeach Donald Trump over nothing:

Congressional Democrats, aided by turncoat Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI), approved a formal resolution in favor of the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump earlier today.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made the ridiculous proclamation that she is leading the charge for impeachment to protect the Constitution, a document which she has worked her entire life in public office to undermine.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (D-CA) questioned the efforts of the Democrats, believing that they are putting their partisan witch hunt ahead of working to solve problems on behalf of the American people.

“We are not working for the American people, those items would resemble the achievements of a productive Congress, a Congress that truly works for the people. But you know what this Congress counts? This Congress records more subpoenas than laws, that’s the legacy,” McCarthy said, referring to important budget and policy issues that are being neglected by House Democrats to instead pursue impeachment.

With Amash throwing all of his so-called “principles” in the garbage over his hatred of President Trump, it’s no surprise that he’s palling around with the socialist AOC.

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