Disgraced GOP Messenger Frank Luntz Tweets Against The Unvaccinated

American political communications consultant, pollster, and pundit Frank Luntz, known for developing talking points and messaging for various Republican causes as well as being House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s roommate, has repeatedly demonstrated to be one of Pfizer and Moderna’s biggest advocates. 

Luntz has joined the recent nationwide trend of advocation for mass vaccination on his Twitter page, sharing various quotes and studies pushing for the topic. 

One such tweet shared polls alleging that a majority of Americans support forced vaccination on college, high school, and middle school students before allowing them to receive a traditional education. 

In another Tweet of the same day, Luntz shared an article from the New York Times which claimed that “More than half of the U.S. population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and it’s the remaining unvaccinated population that is driving the lingering deaths.” 

The statement is of course at least partly false, given that a minimum of 34 million Americans have already contracted COVID-19. It also appears to downplay the idea that the COVID-19 vaccine being safe and highly effective, given America’s incredibly high vaccination rate of 54% of adults being fully vaccinated combined with an additional 10% of the total American population having verifiably contracted the virus. 

A similarly divisive Tweet shared by Luntz just a few days ago involved attacking red states for a lower rate of vaccination than their blue counterparts. 

Mass vaccination advocation aside, Luntz has had a long history influencing politics. Such examples including renting a bedroom of his luxury Washington, D.C. Condominium to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, promoting mass migration on the American public, and touting OxyCotin as a “miracle drug”.

Ironically, Luntz has said he is no longer a Republican. Why he has seemingly continued to influence the agenda of the Republican Party regardless remains unknown. 

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