Disney Projected To Lose MILLIONS After Latest Woke Movie Bombs At Box Office

Disney’s first movie with an openly gay teen protagonist is completely bombing at the box office. So much so the company is poised to lose a whopping $146 million.

The film titled “Strange World” grossed under $24 million in its first five days. Which is especially terrible considering the animated adventure had a budget of $180 million.

“For comparison sake, ‘Encanto,’ another recent Disney animated offering, earned $40.3 million over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2021,” Variety reported on Thursday, “and that was considered to be a soft result for the family film.”

Now, World of Reel projects the film about climate change will inevitably tank.

Per the outlet:

Deadline’s Anthony D’Alessandro is estimating that “Strange World” stands to bestow Disney with losses ranging at around $147 million. Yikes…

“Strange World” has received a CinemaScore rating of B, the lowest rating ever for a Disney animated feature, or at least since the rating was measured a few decades ago. Every single Disney animated film since “Beauty and the Beast” has received some form of an A, from A+ to A-…

…It won’t make its money back, not even close.

Not only were Disney fans not interested in another woke movie paired with a poor marketing campaign. But critics have also said the film in and of itself just isn’t that good.

For example, Metacritic critics gave “Strange World” a 65 with a user score of 2.7. 

And Rotten Tomatoes critics gave it a measly 71% with a 65% audience score.

Most unimpressed with the film have attributed this bombshell performance to the story’s overarching message. In addition to the fact there are no princesses introduced.

Instead, all viewers are met with are so-called “boundary-pushing” themes including a handicapped dog and various LGBTQ+ characters.

Regardless, none of these “historical firsts” seem to have worked in amassing viewership over the film’s opening Thanksgiving weekend.

The free market has spoken.

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