Disney’s ‘Lightyear’ FLOPS After Struggling At Box Office, Banned In 11 Countries For Gay Kiss

GET WOKE GO BROKE – There has been a lot of controversy and media attention surrounding the new Disney “Toy Story” spinoff titled “Lightyear.” Primarily because it included a gay kiss scene in the kid’s movie.

The same-sex kiss was initially removed, but then eventually restored in protest against Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill. Employees at Disney’s Pixar accused the company of “censoring same-sex affection” in its films.

Disney executives have wanted to cut “nearly every moment of overtly gay affection… regardless of when there is protest from both the creative teams and executive leadership at Pixar,” according to a letter from the employees sent to Disney and obtained by Variety.

“We at Pixar have personally witnessed beautiful stories, full of diverse characters, come back from Disney corporate reviews shaved down to crumbs of what they once were,” the letter read.

Now it appears that all of the controversy surrounding the film and the gay kiss have backfired against Disney, as the film is currently struggling at the box office. “Lightyear” has only brought in $51 million in its three-day opening, with critics already calling the movie a disaster.

“Well, this wasn’t suppose to happen,” reads a report from far-left Deadline. “Disney’s Lightyear, despite an A- CinemaScore and 4 stars/85% positive on PostTrak, is coming in way under its $70M-$85M projection with a $51M-$55M 3-day weekend to Universal/Amblin’s second weekend of Jurassic World Dominion with $57.1M.”

Deadline, however, never once mentioned the film’s same-sex kiss, which is important considering the movie was banned in 11 countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt. Instead, the outlet suggested the movie came out too soon in the franchise.

According to UAE’s Ministry of Youth and Culture’s Media Regulatory Office, the movie poses a “violation of the country’s media content standards.” Many have connected the dots between the violation and the film’s same-sex kiss.

So while some countries still uphold standards for the films they show to their children, Hollywood continues to double-down on woke themes in programming for kids. Actor Chris Evans, for example, who voices the movie’s main character, slammed critics who don’t approve of the gay kiss in the kids’ film.

“The real truth is, those people are idiots,” Evans told Reuters. “Every time there’s been social advancement as we wake up, the American story, the human story is one of constant social awakening and growth and that’s what makes us good.”

Regardless of what woke Hollywood believes, it turns out that the new Disney/Pixar film is going to be a mega flop. John Nolte, a cultural critic at Breitbart, emphasized just “how bad” the opening was in a recent article – dissing Deadline who said the reason for the movie’s terrible box numbers was because it was “going to the well too soon.”

“Marvel releases two and three movies a year. You mean like that going to the well too soon?” Nolte mocked. “The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit came out every year. You mean like that going to the well too soon?

“The two Sonic the Hedgehog movies came out two years apart (2020, 2022) and the second one opened higher than the first ($58 million versus $72 million). You mean like that going to the well too soon?” He added. “Oh, and both of those Sonic openings beat Lightyear’s opening.

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