Dissident Catholic Archbishop Viganò Warns Pope Francis is a “Zealous Cooperator” of “Great Reset” Globalist Agenda

A dissident Catholic Archbishop who formerly served as the church’s Apostolic Nuncio to the United States has accused Pope Francis of complicity with a globalist “great reset” coronavirus agenda. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is widely known for accusing Vatican officials of covering up for pedophile Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and exposing financial corruption at the Vatican bank in 2012.

The “fourth revolution” theorized by Klaus Schwab and the families of international finance, find in Bergoglio not a neutral spectator – which would itself already be an unheard of thing – but actually a zealous cooperator…

Viganò made the bold claims- some of his most scathing criticisms of Pope Francis- in an interview with Robert Moynihan of Inside the Vatican magazine.

In the interview, Viganò pointed to Pope Francis’ Vatican as an integral player in a plot of global elites such as Klaus Schwab to strip average citizens of their private property and rights, centralizing power with governments and powerful corporations.

The Bergoglian Sanhedrin is clearly integral to the plan of the Great Reset: on the one hand because it is pursuing ends that have nothing to do with the purpose of the Catholic Church, and on the other because it hopes that its complicity can bring it some sort of political and economic advantage in view of the new order.

Viganò accused globalist elites of a “neo-Malthusian” agenda of population control, warning of a union between the deep state and a “deep church.” He accused Pope Francis of attacks on traditional Catholicism through a papal mandate restricting the celebration of the Tridentine Mass, a liturgy long beloved by traditional Catholics. Viganò went so far as to accuse Francis of removing an obstacle to what he predicted would amount to the “reign of the Antichrist.”

It is not possible to believe that Bergoglio does not clearly understand the consequences deriving from his decision, or that he does not realize that depriving the Church of the apostolic Mass is an assist to the enemies of Christ and to the demon himself.

View a transcription of Archbishop Viganò’s no-holds-barred interview here.

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