DNA Tests Confirm Hunter Biden Fathered Arkansas Baby While Dating Brother’s Widow

WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 12: WFP USA Board Chair Hunter Biden speaks during the World Food Program USA’s 2016 McGovern-Dole Leadership Award Ceremony at the Organization of American States on April 12, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Kris Connor/WireImage)

New DNA testing has confirmed that Hunter Biden is indeed the father of an Arkansas woman’s baby.

Lunden Roberts filed a lawsuit in an Arkansas court in May, seeking to hold the son of former Vice President and current Democratic candidate Joe Biden accountable for child support and health insurance for the child.

Roberts’ lawyers released a statement revealing that DNA testing had confirmed Biden as the father of the child.

The child was born in August of 2018. The younger Biden appears to have fathered the child while dating his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden.

Hunter Biden has proved a source of embarrassment for his family. The Biden son was discharged from the Navy just two months into his service (after receiving an unusual commission on the basis of his political connections)when he tested positive for cocaine on a drug test.

The younger Biden has also become a topic of contention in national politics for his position with an oligarch-owned Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma Holdings. Biden was handed a lavishly-paid executive position in the company, despite having no experience in the energy industry. An investigation from a Ukrainian prosecutor into potential discrepancies surrounding his position with the company was shut down when Vice President Biden bullied the Eastern European nation into dropping the issue.

As Joe Biden wages a leading campaign for the Democratic nomination for President, his younger son has proved a source of constant distraction and personal scandal.

Biden’s son will predictably try to avoid taking responsibility for his actions. He’s thus far denied Roberts’ claims, but the DNA test confirming his parentage of the child could be enough for a judge to impose mandatory child support.

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