Document: Biden Administration Plans to Revoke Trump EO Banning Critical Race Theory Trainings in Government on Day 1

A new document indicates that Joe Biden plans to rescind President Donald Trump’s executive order banning racialist and divisive critical race theory trainings in government in the first days of his presidency, if he’s inaugurated.

The trainings have occurred in major federal agencies and departments, and employees are frequently coerced into participating. CRT trainings commonly accuse white Americans at large of being “racist,” within high-paid corporate “diversity consultants” such as Robin DeAngelo haranguing them for supposed complicity in what they say is “white supremacy.”

The document outlining Joe Biden’s slated list of planned executive orders was leaked from the Glover Park Group, a neoliberal establishment Democrat consulting company that is reportedly working hand-in-hand with Biden’s transition team.

The list of executive actions includes a multitude of other planned orders Biden or his campaign have alluded to before. Joe Biden has never addressed the divisive topic of critical race theory before, remaining silent in September when President Trump signed an order designed to prevent their use in the federal government or among private contractors utilized by the government.

Rescind Trump EO suspending diversity training programs for federal employees and contractors” is featured as a bullet point under the “Race, Justice and Diversity” portion of the document.

Biden spoke of uniting the country when he claimed the presidency on Saturday night, but it appears his hypothetical administration would instantly reinstate one of the most divisive practices in American life. CRT trainings have been pervasive in the workplaces of Fortune 500 companies for many years, and it appears they’ll make a re-entry into government should Biden be inaugurated.

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