Document Reveals Biden Regime’s Plan to Grant IDs to Illegal Alien Invaders

According to a report by Zachary Stieber at The Epoch Times, there is a newly released document detailing the Biden regime’s plan to grant illegal aliens identification cards.

According to Stieber, this document revealed how a pilot program titled the “Secure Docket Card” would grant “some illegal aliens a card with a photograph, counterfeit-resistant security features, and a quick response (QR) code.”

The card would take the place of “the current ad-hoc system” and could potentially save Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) time and resources by allowing officials to more quickly confirm an illegal alien’s status and help these aliens make appearances at court hearings, per the document.

Members of the Biden regime have previously confirmed the existence of such a program, but the document itself has provided more details about the program. Specifically, its projected start date and the costs it’s expected to incur.

Critical aspects of the program were expected to have gone into effect starting on August 1, per the document. This includes the creation of the ID card, the establishment of an online portal containing information for the immigrants such as court dates, and the identification of people who will be working on the program.

These aspects of the program are expected to be completed by March 1, 2023. Following the completion of this phase of the program, the plan is pushing for temporary cards to start being created in two ICE field offices. In the case of permanent cards, they will be produced at a central location that has yet to be identified.

The program is expected to run through September 30, 2023.

“It is outrageous and absurd that the Biden administration intends to spend millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money designing and issuing identity cards for the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens they are waving in at the border,” declared Jessica Vaughan, the director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, a pro-immigration restriction think tank.

“Instead of issuing these documents, they should be sending them back to their home countries,”  Vaughan continued.

More of the immigration restriction move can be read here.

With the initial stages of the Wuhan virus leading to a reduction in overall migration to the US, corporate elites in America, who are completely addicted to cheap labor, are now desperate to re-open the migration floodgates. The Biden regime is more than willing to bow down to cheap labor oligarchy’s demands.

If America wants to have any semblance of a healthy working class, it must restrict immigration.

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