Does Fox News Think All Brown People Look The Same?

Fox News Channel, recently under fire for hiring Democrats and putting failed House Speaker Paul Ryan on the board of its parent company, ran an embarrassing graphic Sunday morning, leading some to ask whether it thinks all brown people look the same.

“Trump Cuts U.S. Aid To 3 Mexican Countries,” said an errant chyron on “Fox & Friends” on Sunday morning.

The network was referencing President Donald J. Trump’s foreign aid slash to three Central American nations – Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador – which continue to send migrant caravans to flood the U.S. Southern border.

The faulty chyron is the most recent round of the Fox News follies.

The network recently parted ways with Trump-loving firebrand Sheriff David Clarke, after Fox sources referred to his America First rhetoric as “crazier and crazier,” as reported by the Daily Beast. Clarke hasn’t been on Fox’s air since February of 2018.

Save prime-time ratings king Tucker Carlson, the network has declared war against President Donald J. Trump’s America First agenda.

Big League Politics reported:

8 PM host Tucker Carlson should be getting paid more than anyone else at Fox News. The “America First” journalist’s presence on the Fox airwaves is the only thing keeping most independent-minded Americans from ditching the Murdoch-owned network once and for all, thus sparing Fox from the populist backlash that the Murdochs should probably realize is coming for them.

Fox News did it to themselves by becoming a controlled-opposition Quisling network with contempt for their own viewers. Tucker, on the other hand, is our guy. So if Fox ever bends to Media Matters pressure to fire Tucker Carlson, they will be declaring war against the very people who still reluctantly put up with their vengeful conservative monopoly. It would be a bad move for them.

Morphing into CNN-lite, Fox News recently hired as a commentator former head of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile, who infamously provided debate questions to Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton before a presidential debate. Brazile also presided over the Democrat Party’s controversial spiking of Bernie Sanders’ primary campaign in order to elevate Hillary Clinton to that party’s nomination. In the same week, it suspended host Judge Jeanine Pirro for non-controversial comments about Sharia Law.

In a move that shocked many Republicans, Fox News even joined CNN’s lawsuit against the Trump administration for stripping CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s White House access, in which the virtue signaling network claimed that they and Acosta had a first amendment right to cover the White House — a claim that baffled even many in the legacy media.

And most recently, Fox host Shepard Smith was accused of sexual misconduct by another man in audio files exclusively obtained by Big League Politics, an accusation to which the network has not responded.

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