DOJ: President Trump’s Proposed ‘Total Declassification’ of Russia-gate Documents Will Not Be Implemented

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is overruling President Donald Trump’s declaration that all Russia-gate documents are to be declassified without redactions.

The DOJ made it clear on Tuesday that President Trump has no real power, and the deep state remains fully in charge. As such, their secrets will be protected, and the American public will stay in the dark.

President Trump issued his decision on Twitter last week, apparently blissfully unaware that he has no real authority to govern the country:

The DOJ told a judge that the White House Counsel’s Office essentially informed them to ignore the president’s tweets completely. As a result, the DOJ will continue to redact documents and release them slowly so the public remains ignorant about what is really going on with the federal government as they vote in November.

“The White House Counsel’s Office informed the Department that there is no order requiring wholesale declassification or disclosure of documents at issue in this matter,” Associate Deputy Attorney General Bradley Weinsheimer wrote in a filing with Judge Reggie Walton, who issued an order for the DOJ to clarify their policy following the president’s declaration.

Weinsheimer made it clear that the office of Attorney General Bill Barr is not with the president when it comes to transparency. They are still working to suppress information and protect the federal swamp from repercussions.

“The Attorney General has not ordered the declassification and release of any of the redacted material in this case based on the President’s tweets,” Weinsheimer wrote.

“The Department was further informed that the President’s statements on Twitter do not require altering any redactions on any record at issue in this case, including but not limited to, any redactions taken pursuant to any discretionary FOIA exemptions,” he added.

Big League Politics reported last week when President Trump made the controversial declaration:

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump announced in a tweet that he has authorized the total declassification of all pertinent documents related to the Russia-gate hoax that was perpetrated by the Obama administration in what is likely the biggest scandal in American history…

President Trump has been worked up on Twitter all Wednesday morning demanding that heads must roll over this deep state corruption…

Earlier today, a virtual press conference was held at the Department of Justice on a “matter of national security.” The individuals in attendance were FBI Director Chris Wray, Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers, U.S. Attorney Zach Terwilliger, and FBI Washington Field Office Acting Assistant Director James Dawson.

Instead of focusing on deep state corruption, they simply patted themselves on their back for their counter-terrorism efforts during the press conference, desperately trying to demonstrate their value to an American public that no longer finds their authority legitimate…

President Trump has less than four weeks to expose deep state traitors to the American public. His re-election hopes may hinge on how effective he is in that regard.

It is becoming more obvious that the deep state is going to protect itself at all costs, even if it means the total annihilation of America as we know it.

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