DOJ Report Rules Epstein’s 2019 Death As Suicide, Blames Lazy Staff For ‘Excess’ Linens That Led To Hanging

So apparently it’s case closed on whether Jeffery Epstein’s 2019 death was due to suicide. 

Per a Department of Justice (DOJ report yesterday, there was zero outside involvement surrounding Epstein’s death. Which, I guess, means it’s time for all conspiracy theories to be put to rest. At least according to the DOJ’s ruling.

The report, as outlined by the Daily Mail, faults lazy staffers who didn’t check the cell well enough prior to Epstein’s apparent suicide. Their negligence prevented them from removing “excess” blankets that led to his hanging.

Epstein killed himself in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan in August 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. He hanged himself using ‘excess’ prison linens which he should never have had…

… The DoJ has been investigating his death and whether anyone but him was to blame. 

A 128-page report released today by the Inspector General finds that staff shortages, poor performance by those there and inadequate surveillance cameras contributed to his death – but that there is ‘no evidence’ anyone else was directly involved. 

Here is what Inspector General Michael Horowitz had to say: 

“[W]e did not uncover evidence contradicting the FBI’s determination there was no criminality in connection with how Epstein died.”

Americans are supposed to believe a high-profile prisoner in federal custody evaded amped-up supervision by guards on patrol 24/7.

They are also supposed to believe, per the report, that Epstein managed to get ahold of sheets he was never supposed to have in the first place. Even Horowitz said the blankets should have been seized “had his cell been searched.”

Horowitz said the report’s findings are “troubling” because the “negligence, misconduct and outright job performance failures” all “contributed to an environment in which arguably one of the most notorious inmates in the BoP’s custody was left unmonitored and alone in his cell.”

These linens gave Epstein the opportunity to take his own life.

As expected, users online were not buying the wrapped up, closed findings from the DOJ due too many factors still are not adding up.

Which theory do you believe?

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