Domestic Extremists Unmasked: Democratic Socialists of America Are Plotting Against Trump

The rally President Trump held in Montana exposed something sinister that has been brewing in our nation and has rapidly made its way to the forefront through missteps of their own, a national push with the intent to recruit outside of their collective circles and through amazing investigative undercover work we have seen a glimpse of today by Project Veritas.

It’s important to understand that Homegrown Terrorism is very real and very dangerous.  On June 23, 2006 at the City Club of Cleveland  then FBI Director Robert Mueller spoke about Homegrown Terrorism and Domestic Extremists Groups. Specifically, he said that in order to detect homegrown terrorists, one must understand the radicalization process. Mueller, identified that radicalization is fluid and doesn’t follow a set order and often starts with individuals who are frustrated with their lives or the politics of their government.  Such individuals may be lonely and or dissatisfied with their role in society.  In turn, this is how their friends and or mentors part of these groups recruit them.

“Once a person has joined an extremist group, he or she may start to identify with an ideology—one that encourages violence against a government and its citizens. They may become increasingly isolated from their old lives, drift away from family and friends, and spend more time with other members of the extremist group” said Mueller

During the rally in Montana, a young man and his two friends were removed from the rally in front of rolling cameras. Later, these individuals were determined to be members of the Democratic Socialists of America which subscribes to a political ideology that is deemed to be extreme. BLP, decided to dive into the DSA world on the back end and try to figure them out by deconstructing the Democratic Socialists of America tax filings (HERE) which date as far back as 2009.

BLP discovered that more than one tax-exempt EIN was issued under the same name and address.  Though we focused on the filings of 2016 and it was a bit strange.  Two EINS, same address, same name, different filings. One claimed – Statement of Program Service Accomplishments is RELIGIOUS SOCIALISM the other claimed RACIAL JUSTICE below they are respectively shown.

Going through their mission statement and using their search feature we failed to find any references to any of these “statement of program service accomplishments” on their website.  But, the DSA has launched a separate organization called Religious Socialism with their own website HERE. Their tax returns refer to the 50th Anniversary and support of their GET UP Project.

When we attempted to get their brochures to see how one “enlists” for training they were all dead links and the site seems to have been abandoned and no mention of the Project is on their website.  In addition, in their tax returns they claim to support and conduct campaign activities for Bernie Sanders but Bernie Sanders even though he is the loudest of all advocates of “Medicare for All” and while he  identifies himself a democratic socialist, Sanders is not a DSA member, and his views don’t fully align with the DSA according to NPR.

“They are categorized as a domestic extremist group, everyone knows that.  This is why people throughout the nation working for the federal government don’t say anything. Besides, you aren’t even allowed to be a political activist and work for the federal government, so you keep your mouth shut” said our BLP exclusive source in Homeland Security in response to Project Veritas’ video release today.  The video showcased State Department employee Stuart Karaffa admitting to his DSA membership and how he does work for the DSA while on duty.

Steve Klein, an attorney interviewed by James O’Keefe in the video, explained what the Hatch Act is and how this applies to the State Department employee admitting to engaging in partisan political activity while on duty.  The question isn’t just about sending emails while on duty, but using their office to promote the ideologies of the DSA in an official capacity that is concerning.

During the rally in Montana, the boldness of such a homegrown terrorist was evident. Nevertheless, leave it to CNN’s Don Lemon to mock the swift and quick removal of domestic extremists from the direct line of sight to the President.   The #PlaidShirtGuy was not benign. In my opinion, his facial expressions, and even when speaking on CNN depicted a seriously disturbed individual. When I saw it happen live on TV, I was worried about the women’s safety who replaced these individuals.  They could’ve been hurt trying to remove them if they had weapons or if they reacted aggressively when being removed.  During President Trump’s speech, the young man put the sticker of the DSA on his chest, knowing the cameras were rolling and pointed to it. That was done to indicate infiltration.

It was a serious threat to our President’s safety.  In the tax returns filed by the DSA they are claiming to have just had their 50th Anniversary which infers just how long they have been around.    The #DeepState has a political ideology that can be seen to have one goal, to destroy our country, undermine our republic and in turn overthrow our government. They are unelected, almost impossible to fire as Karaffa reinforced and protected through unions. They are so deeply embedded that remedy in such situations is difficult to obtain through common channels afforded to us because the regulations in place fail and stymie such actions. What remedies do we have?

Do we begin profiling?  I personally think it’s unconstitutional but Professor Heymann had made a very telling statement in respects to that.

” …I wouldn’t allow profiling on the basis of religion or political affiliation unless the religion or the political group is preaching violence….” said Professor Philip Heymann when interviewed for the Harvard Law Bulletin back in 2004.

Do we empower the President to invoke Article II as noted by the CarteBlanche movement?

“Since we lack immediate remedy for bad actors against our nation that have been elected, we will bypass their authority and in a historical and novel way EMPOWER our President to do so.” ~CarteBlancheWrit

How do we remove people we do not appoint? The unelected fourth branch government is real, bold, fearless and evidently a domestic extremist group threatening our nation.

“Conform to the enemy’s tactics until a favorable opportunity offers; then come forth and engage in a battle that shall prove decisive.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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