Dominion Voting Systems Threatens Michigan Senator Who Claims Computers Were Connected to the Internet at Detroit Absentee Voting Center on Election Night

Dominion Voting Systems has been sending threatening letters to whistleblowers for many weeks, but they have singled out former Michigan state senator Patrick Colbeck, demanding that he stop whistleblowing about voter fraud he attested to seeing first-hand in Detroit on election night.

Dominion is accusing Colbeck of participating in a “disinformation campaign” while giving his “Case for MI Decertification” presentation across the state. Colbeck maintains that he saw computers hooked up to the internet, a potentially massive data breach, at the TCF Center on election night where ballots were being tabulated.

“You are knowingly sowing discord in our democracy, all the while soliciting exorbitant amounts of money — totaling over $1 million so far — from your audiences paid directly to your personal business,” attorneys Thomas Clare and Megan Meier wrote in their letter to Colbeck.

“Make no mistake — Dominion will hold you accountable for these lies,” the lawyers added.

Dominion is on a frenzied quest to use their concentrated power to destroy the lives of vote fraud whistleblowers, aided by their allies in the fake news media, Democrat Party and deep state. They do not appear to want a serious investigation into their computers and all of the suspect ballots that showed up in the dead of night after counting had mysteriously stopped. 

“There is nothing you can say or do at this point to undo the damage that has been done to Dominion,” their letter stated. “The company must therefore expressly reserve all legal rights against you and remind you of your ongoing obligation to preserve all materials that relate in any way to these matters.”

This is not the first time that Colbeck has been threatened by powerful elites for speaking out. Big League Politics reported on how Colbeck was threatened by attorney general Dana Nessel as she abused her authority:

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel has issued an ominous threat to whistleblowers against electoral fraud in her state: Shut up, or potentially be prosecuted.

She responded to former state senator Patrick Colbeck’s whistleblower testimony. Colbeck was on the floor as tens of thousands of mystery ballots were delivered to the absentee voter counting board in Detroit on election night.

Nessel made the comment that whistleblowers may be prosecuted for a crime if they come forward to authorities. Colbeck has not gone to Nessel, who has threatened to prosecute Republican leaders who refuse to certify the fraudulent vote before an investigation, with his first-hand testimony.

“I can confirm that Patrick Colbeck has never made a complaint of election fraud to the Michigan Dept of Attorney General. If he had, we would have fully investigated said claim,” she wrote in tweet.

“Colbeck’s assertions aside, intentionally making a false claim of criminal activity to law enforcement is itself a crime. It’s been my experience that is often the reason certain reports are not made,” she added.

However, Colbeck has signed a sworn affidavit under the penalty of perjury attesting to rule-breaking and other forms of fraud committed by inner-city riggers in Detroit on election night. The fake news media, Democrat Party hacks, liberal activist judges, and other establishment co-conspirators have attempted to dismiss sworn affidavits in order to excuse the immense corruption that happened during the vote.”

Vote fraud whistleblowers are under attack from a totalitarian regime that no longer even pretends to care about the will of the people. Colbeck is raising legal defense funds at

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