Don Lemon, CNN’s Jeff Zucker Spotted at Billy Joel Concert Refusing to Mask Up

CNN host Don Lemon was spotted attending a Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden earlier this month without a mask, exposing thousands to potentially lethal microbes from his nose and mouth.

Lemon was seen at the concert with Jeff Zucker, CNN’s CEO, and Fareed Zakaria, a CNN weekend host. None of the men wore masks, in what could amount to a hazardous and dangerous act in close proximity to a large crowd of people.

Photography of Lemon’s audacity was taken by Jack Elbaum, a writing fellow with the Foundation for Economic Education.

Lemon has attacked conservative-leaning officials and legislators for speaking against mask mandates and banning the enforcement of mask mandates at the municipal level, in rhetoric that appears to amount to little more than hypocrisy.

Lemon has even criticized Republican officials such as Greg Abbott for declining to wear masks at various public functions. It’s one thing to outright recognize this dubious practice as ridiculous and reject it entirely- it’s another to apply mask mandates selectively and demand that government enforce some, while letting you get away with attending a concert maskless.

If anything, an event like an indoor concert amounts to one of the most fertile settings for the spread of coronavirus. Lemon doesn’t care, instead content to lecture the public on the need for mask mandates while declining to wear one himself.

New York City strongly recommends that all residents wear a mask at all times in public, and in some circumstances masks are still required.

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