Donald Trump Campaign Declares Victory in Pennsylvania

Donald J. Trump for President Campaign Manager Bill Stepien confirmed that the Trump campaign is declaring victory in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania.

Eric Trump announced victory in the state as well on Wednesday.

Final results in the keystone state have been delayed until Friday, with state election officials insisting the entire week is required to release ballot and election information.

Reported figures in the state have Trump leading by a comfortable 600,000 vote margin. However, the late processing of absentee ballots will assuredly move the election in a Democratic election, even if it’s not enough to win the state.

President Trump declared victory in the election late on Tuesday night, with final results seemingly delayed by slow election return and tabulation systems. The swing states of Arizona and Michigan are still coming down to the wire.


The Trump campaign continues to express optimism that the continued processing of election day ballots will reveal the President as the victor of Arizona.


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