Donald Trump Cautions Israel About Losing Global Support Over Military Campaign in Gaza

Former United States President Donald Trump cautioned Israel that it is losing so much of its global support over the Gaza conflict. He pushed Israel to swiftly wrap up its military campaign.

During an interview with Israel Hayom, a right-wing news outlet owned by Republican, pro-Zionist oligarch Miriam Adelson, Trump declared that “Israel has to be very careful, because you’re losing a lot of the world, you’re losing a lot of support.”

Trump’s remarks surprisingly echoed those of the Biden regime. Specifically, those of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a recent visit to Israel that Israel’s prospective military incursion of Rafah “risks further isolating Israel around the world and jeopardizing its long-term security and standing.”

Trump still defended the Israeli military’s response to Hamas’ attack on October 7, 2023 stressing that “I would act very much the same way as you did. You would have to be crazy not to. Only a fool would  do that. That was a horrible attack.”

Moreover, Trump specifically blamed President Joe Biden for the Hamas attack, proclaiming that Hamas carried out the attack because it has “no respect for him.”

“He can’t put two sentences together. He can’t talk. He’s a very dumb person. He’s a dumb person. His foreign policy throughout 50 years has been horrible,” Trump added. “If you look at people that were in other administrations with him, they saw him as a weak, ineffective president, they [Hamas] would have never done that attack if I were there.”

Trump is right to call for Israel to finish its military operations soon. However, the former president should stress the uncomfortable reality that the US is in no position to dole out more military aid largesse much less clean up Israel’s geopolitical errors by getting the US involved in another Middle Eastern war. 

If Trump is truly America First, he would categorically rule out the idea of blindly having the US attach itself to Israel and stress the need for realism and restraint abroad, as the US secures its southern border with Mexico — the #1 national security priority at the moment. 

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