Donald Trump Is Finally Killing The Democratic Party

President Donald J. Trump, Facebook

This article by Patrick Howley originally appeared at The Daily Caller:

The Democratic Party is so weak, so incompetent, so corrupt, so confused, so controlled, and so meaningless that even the mainstream media has surpassed it as the opposition party to President Donald Trump.

After Trump rocked the house in a joint session Tuesday night (was the Lincoln reference Stephen Miller?) the Democrats put out an official “response” starring a 72-year old man from Kentucky named Steve Beshear. The video was unsettling at best. The former governor introduced himself as being “at a diner with some neighbors.” Dim lighting and intense-looking citizens behind him created a “Twin Peaks” vibe — it looked like some dark things were going to happen in that diner later that night.

“I’m a proud Democrat. But first and foremost, I’m a proud Republican. And Democrat. And mostly American,” he said. What? Who is this man? The whole thing turned into an Obamacare ad: “Mr. President, folks here in Kentucky expect you to keep your word. Because this isn’t a game. It’s life and death. For people… Look, they’re not aliens from some distant planet.”

This is what the Democrats resort to now that they’ve been exposed as a bunch of UFO-obsessed email criminals who smoke Cuban cigars on the anniversary of 9/11 and blame the Russians for setting up their Ashley Madison accounts. The party is practically run by George Soros and various Muslim Brotherhood plants and insufferable environmentalists from San Francisco. Their constituency is composed of schoolteachers and victims of horrifying but unrelated tragedies.

They were in control for so long and they governed like the peanut-allergy kids taking over the cafeteria — starting with Michelle Obama’s school-lunch rationing program. They ruled by decree because progressivism doesn’t actually mean anything so they just had to make it up as they went along. No more pronouns! No more health care! Now their decrees don’t mean anything and they’re desperate. They realize that Darwinism has been restored. The blue-collar workers they oppressed are rising up. And they’re reacting to that inevitable rise like any oppressor would: with fear.

Did you see Chuck Schumer’s face at the speech? Did you see him slinking in his chair? What low energy! He’s rattled. The guy has to deal with Tom Perez, a Socialist labor psycho, raising money as DNC chairman because his opponent Keith Ellison was correctly denounced as a raging anti-Semite. His Senate roster is terrible for 2018 because he has to defend 25 seats including Bernie Sanders and Angus King. The new head of the Democrats’ Senate campaign arm, Chris Van Hollen, oversaw the party’s big loss in the House in 2010 but he failed up anyway.

The Democrats went down hard with Hillary Clinton and now they’re just hoping there’s room on Elon Musk’s Mars rocket (or the military base they want to put on the moon). God only knows what Obama is planning next to cause chaos, but his “shadow government” –based in his new D.C. house, obnoxiously located next to Ivanka and Jared — is more powerful than whatever kind of apparatus the Democratic Party is now. Trump has taken blue-collar union workers, cops, some blacks and Hispanics, married women, and even Silicon Valley players like Peter Thiel. The Democrats are on the ropes. Now it’s time to finish them. Here’s what to do:

a) Pit their coalitions against each other by using logic. Gay people have now experienced the reality of Muslim violence in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. Women are shocked to find out how their contemporaries live in Middle Eastern countries. Blacks are about to learn that a vibrant small business climate actually applies to them, too. Liberals pissed off at Wall Street have been exiled from Hillary Clinton’s party altogether. The divisions are ripe.

Drudge is closely following the development of a new left-wing “tea party” that Michael Moore is talking about, which is going to start putting up primary challengers to entrenched Democrats in 2018. This is a development that we as Republicans can easily exploit. And there’s nothing they can do to stop us from exploiting it, because it’s going to happen anyway. Once populism starts, it just keeps going. This is only the top of the first inning.

b) Make their idols unattractive and crazy. The Academy Awards was a disgusting clown show dotted with politically correct morons that nobody has ever heard of. Who cares about these people? Hollywood and the media are the intellectual enemy.

It is time to go after the media directly. Confront their reporters and call them out for being shills. Mock their stupid split-screen segments. Start petitions trying to get them fired every time they write some op-ed that people on Twitter don’t like (mainstream news outlets cave easily on that type of thing). Do as Saul Alinsky said and go after people, because people break and institutions only bend. Once enough people have been broken, then the institutions crumble.

c) Point out who’s funding all of it. Can you imagine if Sean Spicer started naming the corporations in the press gallery instead of the media outlets they represent? “This question goes to the Disney Corporation… Jeff Bezos… Carlos Slim… Hulk Hogan’s lawyer…”

Democrats are dumb enough to leave huge, gaping holes in their conspiracies because they assume the media won’t report on any of it. Do you know why I’ve been able to make an entire career doing investigative journalism on Democrats? Because they leave documents everywhere! This line of work isn’t even that hard! Show up to most Democratic offices and eavesdrop on the 22-year old intern and you can basically become Woodward and Bernstein. It is time to start looking through ALL the documents, ALL the emails, ALL the spending receipts, and ALL the Madam and Mister client books. Democrats are sick, depraved people and the more you look into them the more pure evil you find.

Who would have thought that a political party designed to uphold white racism in the South would get hijacked by a bunch of overzealous Muslims and college professors and go down, hedge fund checks in hand, with a mad dash to the immigration office to get as many Mexicans into the country as possible? What a mess. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to destroy the Democratic Party once and for all. Let’s not miss the chance. It’s going to be up to us. Nobody notices a great leader. A great leader simply sits in the back of the room and lets people say, “Look at all WE have done.”

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