Donald Trump Jr. Calls Out ‘Sham’ Media Attacks Against Eric Greitens: ‘They Tend to Go After Guys Who Pose a Threat’

Trump Jr. Calls Out ‘Sham’ Media

Donald Trump Jr. voiced his displeasure with the RINO and fake news media attacks against Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Eric Greitens during a recent radio appearance.

Trump Jr. called out the obvious agenda that is behind the attempts to destroy Greitens’ reputation as he attempts his political comeback after being forced out as Missouri governor amidst a crooked partisan witch hunt in 2018.

“I see who the press hates the most, and that’s usually the guy I like, sort of like JD Vance in Ohio. When CNN hates you, the Washington Post hates you, the New York Times hates you, that’s my guy. That makes a lot of sense,” Trump Jr. told 97.1 FM Talk.

“I see sort of the sham stuff they’ve shown at Greitens. Now the prosecutor is getting in trouble. The FBI guy admits that he lied under it. And you know, when you see these kind of setups, it makes you wonder what they’re doing and for what reason because they tend to only go after the guys who will actually pose a threat,” he added.

“We are hated and attacked by the fake news media and the RINOs because I am the only America First candidate running in Missouri!” Greitens said in response to Trump Jr. while posting the comments in a Tweet.

The entire clip can be seen here:

Trump Jr. Calls Out ‘Sham’ Media

Big League Politics has reported on the vindication of Greitens in recent weeks as the Democrats who railroaded him are exposed as liars and criminals:

Former Missouri governor and current U.S. Senate candidate Eric Greitens has been vindicated after a Soros-backed prosecutor admitted to wrongdoing in her politically-motivated witch hunt against the patriot.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who has been bankrolled by progressive oligarch George Soros, admitted to refusing to disclose key evidence to Greitens’ lawyers, misrepresenting key evidence, and other violations of ethical standards. She will accept a reprimand as a result of her nefarious actions after meeting with the Missouri Office of Disciplinary Counsel. The Missouri Supreme Court will determine if further disciplinary measures are necessary.

Saint Louis University law professor Anders Walker told KMOV TV that Gardner’s reprimand will likely have a cascading impact on the criminal justice system in Missouri.

“This could be a very serious matter if the [Circuit Attorney] tried to remove a sitting governor, then we are not talking about a criminal matter,” Walker said. “We are talking about undermining the criminal process and I cannot think of anything more serious than that.”

Big League Politics reported on the smear campaign emerging against Greitens by the RINOs and fake news media in order to draw attention away from news that he was railroaded by a far-left conspiracy.

Trump Jr. stopped short at saying whether or not his father would back Greitens in the primary for U.S. Senate in Missouri, but he definitely seemed to indicate that Greitens is his preferred candidate of choice in the crucial race.

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Trump Jr. Calls Out ‘Sham’ Media

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