HIGHLIGHTS: Donald Trump Jr, Tim Scott, Matt Gaetz Kick off the Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention kicked off on Monday with speeches from several major GOP elected officials and the President’s son, with figures such as Donald Trump Jr., Tim Scott, and Matt Gaetz being among the most prominent figures to speak an the first night of the event.

Trump Jr. directed the ire of his speech towards Joe Biden, likening the longtime establishment figure and Democratic nominee to the “Loch Ness monster of the swamp.”

Matt Gaetz made a robust defense of an America First vision and nationalist principles, calling upon Republican to reject the liberal universalist idea that America is little more than an “idea” or an “experiment.”

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott spoke on many of the Republican policy accomplishments on the economy, and a plan to rebuild the nation following the ravages of the coronavirus disease.

The McCloskeys, the Saint Louis couple facing political prosecution for defending their home from a mob of Black Lives Matter rioters at the whim of a Soros-funded rogue prosecutor, broke down the need for American patriots to forcefully reject anarcho-tyranny and to stand for the rule of law.

All and all, a strong first night of the convention. All of these large-scale political events tend to have a small piece of cringe here and there, but that comes with the territory of a major political party that represents tens of millions of people in the American political system. The convention, which was broadcast from various locations pursuant to coronavirus restrictions, was mostly decorated with “Make America Great Again” imagery, in contrast to “Keep America Great.”

Melania Trump, Mike Pompeo, Eric Trump and Rand Paul are among the Republican Party figures who will speak on Tuesday night. President Trump will deliver his speech accepting the GOP nomination for President on Thursday.

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