Donald Trump Promises to Enact Concealed Carry Reciprocity if Re-Elected

In the final week of February, former President Donald Trump promised to make concealed carry reciprocity a reality if he is re-elected as president in 2024.

“I will protect the right of self-defense everywhere it is under siege, and I will sign concealed carry reciprocity,” President Trump stated. “Your Second Amendment does not end at the state line.”

Trump made this declaration in a video address published on Rumble. 

In his video titled “End Crime and Restore Law and Order,” the former president outlined his plan to stop crime by putting forward measures such as stiffer penalties for drug dealers and gang members, tougher discipline for teenage delinquents, and securing the border from an illegal invasion, among other pro-law & order reforms. 

Restoring the right to bear arms is one way to tackle America’s growing crime problems. Criminals enjoy preying on individuals who can’t defend themselves. Plus, the police are minutes away when precious seconds count. Ultimately, an armed lawful individual is the best first responder against crime.

However, the US must rid itself of its permissive attitudes towards criminals and start punishing anti-social behavior from a young age. If policymakers at all levels of government can’t get behind heavy-handed measures against criminals, America will inevitably descend into third world status. 

American leaders will have to go back to basics and start using the state in a prudential manner to stamp out criminal behavior. 

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