Donald Trump Rakes In $7.1 Million From Supporters After Georgia Arrest

Since his arrest in Georgia on August 24, 2023, former President Donald Trump has raised $7.1 million in funds from his supporters. Trump’s campaign has taken advantage of the former president’s mugshot taken at Fulton County jail to rally his supporters and get them to pitch in to his campaign. 

According to a source aware of Trump’s latest fundraising effort,  Trump raked in $4.18 million on August 25 alone. Over the past three weeks, Trump has brought in nearly $20 million – a time frame that covers his most recent indictments in Georgia and Washington. 

Fundraising for Trump took off after he came back to X, formerly known as Twitter, for the first time since January 2021. The former president posted his mug shot and a link to a landing page for his presidential campaign in that instance.

The $7 million Trump raised is nearly a fifth of the over $35 million he obtained in the second quarter via the Trump Save America Joint Fundraising Committee.

In the immediate aftermath of a Manhattan grand jury indicting Trump on March 30 on charges connected to hush-money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniel, his campaign announced that it raked in $15.4 million in donations. On top of that, the Trump campaign raised $6.6 “in a few short days” after Special Counsel Jack Smith indicted Trump in federal court on 37 felony counts connected to mishandling classified materials and conspiring to impede efforts by US functionaries to get their hands on them.

In being arrested in Fulton County, Georgia, Trump became the first US president in history to have a mugshot taken of him. The Trump campaign has exploited this incident by using the mugshot image to sell products, which includes t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, among other items. Hours after Trump turned himself in at the Fulton County jail, his campaign began sending out multiple fundraising emails. 

Trump is at the front of the pack of Republican presidential candidates who are vying for the party nomination in 2024. The Republican party establishment is still in denial about this, but the poll numbers don’t lie. 

For the Republican Party to remain politically relevant, they must nominate the likes of Trump in 2024 and subsequent presidential election cycles. Moreover, the party must embrace Trumpian candidates at all levels of government for this nationalist agenda to be consolidated. 

The days of neoconservatism are over. The quicker Republican leaders grasp this, the easier it will be for the party to compete with their Democratic rivals.

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