Donald Trump Secures 2020 Republican Nomination for President

With overwhelming victories in the Florida and Illinois Republican presidential primaries, President Donald Trump has secured enough delegates to become the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for President.

The Florida primary, in which Trump easily crushed primary challenger Bill Weld, gives him enough delegates to lock down the nomination. President Trump won an overwhelming 94% of the vote, an indicator of his widespread popularity among Republican voters.

Of course it was almost a forgone conclusion that the President would win the primary for his own party’s nomination. A sitting President has never been defeated by a primary challenger, although two candidates with some degree of name recognition tried this year.

Ideological neoconservatives such as Bill Kristol put some hope in the possibility of a real primary challenge to President Trump, that ultimately failed to surface. Bill Weld and Joe Walsh waged futile primary bids against Trump, seeming to seek media and liberal attention more so than actually putting forth a serious challenge.

At one point, the swamp creature appeared to seriously believe that a primary challenger was going to defeat Trump in the 2020 Republican primary.

That prediction can be placed in the bucket of Bill Kristol’s laughably false and incorrect political punditry, and in this case considerably so.

The President has won the Republican primary of every single primary state to vote thus far, taking around 95% of the vote in most cases.

The state in which a long-shot primary challenger- former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld- performed the strongest was New Hampshire. Even there, President Trump took a whopping 86% of the vote compared to Weld’s 9%.

Republican appear wholly united behind President Donald Trump’s campaign for a second term in office.

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