Donald Trump Supports Effort to Defund Fani Willis, Republican Lawmaker Says It’s “Wasting Your Time”

In the middle of August, Georgia State Senator Colton Moore kicked off the process to call for an emergency session of the state legislature to review Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ actions that resulted in the indictment of former President Donald Trump and his allies such as former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Former President Trump congratulated Moore’s efforts publicly in a video he published across his social media platforms.

BLP reached out to other Republican members in the Georgia Senate to get their stance on Moore’s letter, which the former President is in favor of. 

For the most part, the requests for comment were met with silence.  

However, State Senator Carden Summers did respond to BLP’s inquiry, albeit in a very curt manner. 

In the email, Summers stated, “There is no story there.  Wasting your time.

All the best…” 



Summers first assumed office in the Georgia Senate in 2020, after winning the general election by 69.5% to 30.5%. He won his re-election bid unopposed.

By describing Moore’s campaign to defund Willis as a waste of time, Summers is effectively opposing former President Trump.

Summers’ inaction is commonplace among conservatives in secure electoral conditions, where they have no viable Democrat challengers nor primary challengers from the Right. Nonetheless, Summers should still be challenged in the primaries for his inaction on this key issue. 

Knocking off spineless, establishment Republicans like Summers is key to making conservative policies a reality in Georgia. Colton Moore is one of the few politicians who is willing to push the envelope and challenge establishment Republicans. For that reason, principled conservatives should strongly support Moore’s efforts in the Senate. 

Grassroots conservatives can still sign Moore’s official petition to support Fani Willis’ investigation here. Additionally, they can send donations to Moore to help turn up the heat on Georgia Republicans here.  


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