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Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Hits All Time High in Fox News Poll

Americans are uniting around the President during the epidemic.



President Donald Trump’s approval rating has hit an all time high in a Fox News poll released Thursday, suggesting the President has united new demographics of Americans behind his leadership during the Chinese coronavirus epidemic.

The poll shows Trump’s approval rating at 49%. 48% approved two weeks ago, and 47% of Americans approved of his job performance in late February.

The President’s approval ratings pertaining directly to the coronavirus epidemic are even better, with 51% of Americans stating he’s done a good job responding to the historically unprecedented event. The poll was conducted through phone calls to 1,107 registered voters nationwide

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When asked about the federal response to the virus, only 4% of Americans stated that the government is “overreacting.” This suggests that the public is aware of the need for the disruptions to everyday life, even though the closure of businesses and social distancing has caused significant harm to the economy.

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National polling has consistently demonstrated rising approval ratings for the President throughout the coronavirus epidemic. Earlier Pew polling revealed that 95% of Americans support the President’s life-saving early travel bans on China and Europe, a pandemic policy stance that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden only got behind earlier this week.

21% of poll respondents state that they personally know someone who has the coronavirus, a statistic that speaks to the community spread of the novel disease in the United States. 94% of Americans describe themselves as concerned over the spread of the virus in the country. 57% of the public describes the United States as moving in the right direction in controlling the virus, whereas 30% disagree.

Certainly there’s a discussion to be had about balancing the need to protect public health and to advert harm to the economy. But the poll indicates that the public widely supports the measures taken to blunt the spread of the coronavirus.

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President Donald Trump Pledges to Nominate A Woman as Next Supreme Court Justice

It’s going to be a woman.



President Trump revealed that he plans to nominate a woman as his next Supreme Court nominee during a rally on Saturday in North Carolina. The nominee, if confirmed, would replace longtime progressive judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who passed away on Friday.

Reports indicate that President Trump plans to announce the identity of a SCOTUS nominee on either Monday or Tuesday. He suggested as such during his North Carolina rally, confirming that the nominee would be a woman. The crowd could be heard chanting “fill that seat,” indicative of the strong desire among conservatives for President Trump to exercise his constitutional duties and advance a nominee.

Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa are considered to be strong candidates to fill the nomination, with the former almost being picked in 2018 to fill the vacancy ultimately filled by Brett Kavanaugh. Barrett is reportedly considered a front-runner in the selection process.

President Trump also cited the constitutional basis for nominating a Supreme Court justice, pointing out that Article 2 of the Constitution placed the imperative upon him as President to do as such. Republicans control both the White House and the Senate, a crucial difference from the divided government of 2016 when President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland was blocked by the Senate.

Democrats are guaranteed to fight furiously to block the confirmation of any Supreme Court nominee advanced by President Trump, with Chuck Schumer himself saying that he wouldn’t accept the possibility of any new justices while Trump is in office, even if it’s during his second term.

Tentative confirmation proceedings, which will occur in the midst of the Presidential election, have the chance to make Brett Kavanaugh’s wild confirmation process look like a gingerly walk in the park.

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