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Down Syndrome Drag Queens: The New Progressive Phenomenon



Men with Down Syndrome performing as drag queens is the new “radical” phenomenon on the global Left.

Mashable reports:

Since the group’s first performance close to a year ago, Drag Syndrome has since exploded in popularity, with performances all throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Europe and an American tour in the works, the group’s creative director Daniel Vais told Mashable.

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“We now have invites [to perform] from around the world,” Vais says.

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Daniel Vais is the artistic director of Culture Device, a London-based experimental performance and dance company that works with artists who have Down syndrome and operates Drag Syndrome. The company has put on everything from ballets to fashion shoots

Couple that stigma with the concept itself – people with Down syndrome performing drag – which is already an inherently radical act. People with Down syndrome aren’t expected to have a sexuality, Vais explains, forget a queer sexuality or a genderqueer presentation. People with intellectual disabilities aren’t supposed to be performers or artists or anything but “cute.”

Mashable passage ends

In America, the movement to have drag queens reading to children at libraries is taking off and being celebrated by the progressive movement.

BLP reported:

Controversial ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ events, which have been known to give convicted child sex predators intimate access to children, started in public libraries but are now moving into churches as well.

The Cincinnati Enquirer issued a gushing profile on Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, OH for allowing a bedazzled drag queen who goes by the alias Sparkle Leigh to groom children and read them pro-LGBT propaganda.

Church caretaker Dan Davidson transformed into this character to read a book lionizing Harvey Milk, the former San Francisco Mayor who was known to prey on teenage boys, in a religious setting to onlookers. It is apart of their celebration of Pride month, as the church openly revels in Biblical sin.

“I’m excited just to be able to point to diversity and help kids not be afraid of people that are different but to embrace them and be able to learn from them and find out more about them,” Davidson said.

Davidson claims that he was a victim of a hate crime and now wants children to understand that it is okay to be homosexual, despite what it says in the Bible. He made it clear that he wants to indoctrinate children with his beliefs on gender and sexuality.

“Love more, love better,” Davidson said. “It’s literally that simple.”

Stacey Midge, who serves the pastor of Mount Auburn, claims that giving drag queens access to precocious children is in line with Christian teachings because “God loves everyone.”

Jeff Johnston, who works as an issues analyst for Focus on the Family, is crying foul over this blasphemous display.

“[Children] are easily taught, and we want to bring them into a healthy view of what it means to be a boy or a girl and help them embrace that,” Johnston said.

Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives Larry Householder had previously raised concerns over public libraries hosting these perverse displays.

“This is a stunningly bizarre breach of public trust. And it must stop,” Householder wrote in the letter. “Taxpayers aren’t interested in seeing their hard-earned dollars being used to teach teenage boys how to become drag queens.”

This is spreading across the buckeye state, as shocking video of a 9-year-old drag child stripping at a bar surfaced earlier this year:

House Bill 180, introduced by Republican state House Rep. Tim Schaffer after the clip went viral, would ban these type of displays exploiting children.

“Given our heightened focus on human trafficking and the role money plays in trafficking children, I knew I had to take action to make sure this activity does not occur again,” Schaffer said in a news release. “We can do better to protect innocent children and we must do better.”

The public grooming of kids into this depraved lifestyle will only continue as the LGBT agenda becomes more mainstream, as Pride Month rages on.


As the U.S. Elections Approaches, Thousands of Immigrants are Gaining U.S. Citizenship



America’s foreign voter base continues to grow ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

John Binder of Breitbart News noted that this is “adding a bloc of first-time foreign-born voters to the electorate.”

The last few months has seen delays in naturalization ceremonies thanks to the Wuhan virus pandemic. As of June, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency restarted ceremonies, with 2,000 immigrants being naturalized according to a report published by Camila DeChalus on June 10.

Other immigrants, who were expected to receive citizenship in 2020, are now pressing legal action against the federal government.

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Prior to the crisis, USICS was naturalizing immigrants to the tune of 60,000 monthly.

Binder broke down the overall legal migration numbers:

Legal immigration levels — where 1.2 million immigrants secure Green Cards and nearly a million obtain naturalized citizenship annually — has driven up the nation’s foreign-born voting population to record levels.

The Breitbart writer highlighted another demographic trend that is taking place across America:

In February, Pew Research Center revealed that for the first time since 1970, one-in-ten U.S. voters will have been born outside the country in the 2020 election. High legal immigration levels have also ensured that Hispanic voters will replace black Americans as the largest voting minority for the first time in U.S. history.

According to research from The Atlantic, the New York Times, and Axios, Democrats tend to benefit from an increased foreign-born population.

Binder gave an overview about what these foreign voter numbers look like:

The Atlantic‘s Ronald Brownstein reveals nearly 90 percent of House congressional districts with a foreign-born population above the national average are won by Democrats. This means every congressional district with a foreign-born population exceeding 14 percent has a 90 percent chance of electing Democrats and only a ten percent chance of electing a Republican.

Exit polling data indicated that Trump won 49 percent of native-born Americans’ votes, whereas Clinton won 45 percent of the vote. As far as foreign voters were concerned, Clinton trounced Trump by raking in 64 percent of the immigrant vote, while Trump got only 31 percent.

At the moment, the Binder points out that the “U.S. is on track to import about 15 million new foreign-born voters in the next two decades due to existing legal immigration levels.”

Binder continued:

Those 15 million new foreign-born voters include about eight million who will arrive through chain migration, where newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the country.

The U.S. is undergoing a massive demographic transformation thanks to public policy.

In previous eras, migration waves would at least be contained by legislative pauses that allowed for assimilation.

But now, elites are content by keeping the illegal and legal migration gravy train going without any pause in sight.

Given immigrant voting trends, many freedoms such as the right to bear arms and free speech could be in jeopardy thanks to Democrats gaining a new voting bloc that will help them stay in power for a long time.

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