Doxxed Citizen Launches Legal Fund To Sue Daily Beast, Facebook As Benefactors Begin To Rally

Benefactors Sue Daily Beast Dox

Big League Politics can confirm that several wealthy benefactors are attempting to contact Shawn Brooks, the user who uploaded the viral Nancy Pelosi meme in which she appeared even less coherent than usual, to help him sue Daily Beast, CNN, Facebook, and others involved in his recent doxxing as he announces his legal defense fund on GoFundMe.

Brooks was doxxed by Daily Beast writer and former black hat hacker Kevin Poulsen after he uploaded the viral clip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appearing to stammer and slur her words more than usual.

Poulsen apparently colluded with Facebook to dox Brooks, a story that was picked up and repeated by CNN.

Reports initially indicated Poulsen also created the viral meme, but Brooks denies this. Brooks also denied he is the user who posted the video to his Facebook pages, though Poulsen, quoting Facebook, claims Brooks used a sock puppet account to post it.

It was rumored that wealthy benefactors with significant experience in legal matters regarding the mainstream media and social media were seeking to help Brooks sue early this morning, and now Big League Politics can report that one such benefactor has independently contacted our senior reporter, Peter D’Abrosca, to confirm they are actively attempting to contact Brooks to provide financial and legal support.

This comes as Brooks announced his own legal defense fund via GoFundMe, writing in the fund’s description that he is “looking at my options for possible legal action against anyone who was associated in publishing that inaccurate trash article about me, misquoting me and accusing me of being the creator of the Speaker Pelosi video that went viral.”

Brooks is already making progress toward his goal of $10,000 to sue the Daily Beast and others at press time, with donations ranging from $5 to $200.

Last night, Big League Politics revealed that Poulsen’s history is perhaps more colorful than Brooks, an African American who has worked a series of manual labor jobs and became an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump after witnessing the destruction of the United States economy under the guidance of President Barack Obama.

Poulsen is a former black hat hacker who was convicted of several crimes, stood accused of hacking into United States Army and FBI systems, and attempting to steal critical intelligence. He served five years in prison, and another several on probation. Poulsen was the first person to be banned from accessing the Internet as punishment for cyber crimes, and was only allowed access after persuading his parole officer in 2004.

Facebook has thus far refused to provide comment to Big League Politics regarding its part in helping Poulsen dox Brooks or any possible litigation.

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