Doxxed Citizen Receives Ominous Threats After Daily Beast Doxxed Him For Sharing Pelosi Video

Daily Beast Dox Ominous Threats

The Facebook user, a private citizen residing in New York, who allegedly created and posted the viral video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appearing to sound drunk has now received several ominous threats via Twitter since The Daily Beast colluded with Facebook to dox him last night.

Shawn Brooks, an African American day laborer who runs Facebook pages in his spare time, was doxxed by The Daily Beast and accused of creating and posting the viral meme of Pelosi appearing to sound less coherent than normal to Facebook. He has now received several strange threats from leftist Twitter users in the aftermath.

One Twitter user ominously wrote, “NYC peeps. Go do your thing,” possibly referencing violence or intimidation, as New York is a Democrat stronghold that has struggled with violent crime for decades.

Another user celebrated that he is “outed now” and said they “hope u [sick] get the karma you deserve coming right at u [sic], I gotta hope!”

Another hoped encouraged “Bronx Liberals” to “give law enforcement a little help” in arresting Brooks, who has an active arrest warrant in California according to The Daily Beast. Brooks seemed to reject this assertion.

As part of the smear campaign, yet another user accused Brooks of being  “an alt-right political provocateur,” despite the fact that Brooks is an African American who seems to support mainstream political positions held by President Donald Trump.

The alt right holds to a notoriously racist ideology that favors an “ethnostate” where only white Americans would be allowed.

Ironically, the Daily Beast writer, Kevin Poulsen, who doxxed Brooks has a far more colorful history as a former black hat hacker who compromised United States Army and FBI information systems in the 1990s. He was convicted of several crimes and served five years in prison and several more on probation. As part of his punishment, Poulsen was not allowed access to the Internet until he persuaded his probation officer to grant it in 2004.

Poulsen was apparently given private information about Brooks from a Facebook official, suggesting the big tech company may be complicit in the doxxing as well.

The Twitter Left appears to be giving Poulsen and Facebook a pass.

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