DOXXED: Democrat Congressman Targets Trump Donors By Releasing Personal Information

San Antonio House Democrat Joaquin Castro, and brother of presidential candidate Julian Castro, published personal information on Twitter about some of his city’s most prominent Trump 2020 campaign donors on Tuesday, in a manner that many critics of the Texas Democrat are comparing to doxxing.

Castro published the names and places of employment for 44 individuals who donated the maximum amount permissible under federal law to the Trump campaign.

We’ve censored the identifying information in the screenshot below.

Joaquin Castro is the brother of Democratic Presidential candidate Julian Castro. It seemed to escape the former Castro that the individuals he was calling for a boycott of are in all likelihood his own constituents.

After Castro became a target of criticism by many in his district for his direct targeting of San Antonians, he tried to rationalize his actions by mentioning campaign finance data is publicly available.

Obviously campaign donation data is publicly accessible through the FEC’s website. That doesn’t mean it’s acceptable or appropriate for a member of congress to incite boycotts against private businesses owned by individuals who donate to his or her political opponents.

The Trump campaign has fired back against the Castro brother’s underhanded tactics to intimidate Texas Trump supporters into silence. Castro’s methods to shut down Trump supporters aren’t entirely unlike methods of political intimidation practiced in dysfunctional banana republics across the world, in which supporters of political movements are defunded by authoritarian regimes.

Joaquin’s brother Julian has staked his Presidential candidacy on support for some of the most aggressively pro-open borders policies espoused in the Democratic Party. Castro’s one of the Democrats to call for the “decriminalization” of illegal immigration, essentially permitting millions of illegal immigrants to flow across the nation’s borders without facing any prospect of legal consequences.


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