Dozens of ANTIFA Terrorists Arrested for Violence During ‘Straight Pride Parade’

Credit: Ford Fischer/News2Share


Law enforcement arrested 36 individuals, mostly believed to be ANTIFA terrorists, at yesterday’s straight pride parade in Boston, MA, as four police were injured as the thugs attempted to stop the parade from taking place.

Big League Politics reported that ANTIFA was already fundraising to cover bail fees for their organization’s terrorists beforehand, as their violent display was clearly premeditated in an attempt to shut down the lawful orderly protest that drew approximately 200 participants.

Video of ANTIFA terrorists being physically removed by Boston police can be seen here:

Liberty activist Samson Racioppi, one of the event’s primary organizers, describes the event as a smashing success.

“We had a stellar lineup of speakers at city hall, with a rocking sound system for everyone to hear their point of view. Every speaker who showed up was able to express their position,” Racioppi said.

Racioppi made it clear that the violent people who were arrested were ANTIFA terrorists, even though some fake news reports have obfuscated the truth regarding who the aggressors were during the proceedings.

“Many media outlets have reported it was “unclear” which side the arrests were on, but all it takes is a little research to find that the sole source of violence and unrest was at the hands of so-called ‘tolerant’ protesters,” he said.

“From the beginning we have made it clear that everyone is welcome to our movement; yet the lies do not stop from both mainstream media outlets and protesters alike,” Racioppi added.

Racioppi noted that Facebook took down the event page a day before the march took place, and he was forced to leave the Massachusetts Libertarian Party after state party leadership unilaterally decided to denounce the event. Adam Kokesh, a Libertarian presidential hopeful in 2020, denounced attendees of the event during his designated speaking time.

“He acknowledged that his speech was contradictory to the values we expressed on our website, and he told me that his speech would be ‘unifying.’ It was nothing of the sort, based off what people were telling me during the event,” Racioppi said of Kokesh’s address.

“We believe the institutional stonewalling of our movement is very damaging, and we will look into every avenue possible to hold multi-billion dollar corporations accountable for their actions,” he said.

Racioppi is telling activists to go to to find out more information about Boston-area rallies in the future, and to look for new chapters of the group that are springing up throughout the country.

“We are building infrastructure for other chapters to open up across the country, and the world. There are rumors of another event in the Boston area for Christmas,” he said.

When the police do their jobs, there is no public safety threat and every non-violent individual’s rights are respected. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Police Chief Danielle Outlaw should take notes.

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