Dr Oz Cheered For Lockdowns

Dr. Mehmet Oz appeared on MSNBC to advocate for the implementation of Chinese-style draconian lockdowns into the United States.

Dr Oz Cheered For Lockdowns-Are some members of the GOP only illusory supporters of American liberty? A resurfaced video of Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz advocating for the political implementation of brutal and draconian lockdowns of the likes of anti-human rights regimes such as that of China.

A clip shared on Twitter by American journalist Jack Posobiec showed Oz praising China for its massive clampdown on human freedoms before claiming that the United States ought to learn from such a strategy when implementing its own policies.

“And the Chinese numbers dropped dramatically which is fantastic news, and it’s also valuable for us to understand why they were able to do that,” Oz gleefully explained.

Oz also suggested that the lockdowns were perhaps not a large commitment during the clip, describing such an ordeal as “probably a couple days of pain” and saying people will see “the benefits of draconian actions.”

“We have to copy what they did. Take their blueprint and repeat it here in this country,” Oz said of his opinion on how the United States should adopt Chinese-style lockdowns.

Dr. Oz drew other attention recently after former President Trump endorsed him in his Pennsylvania Senate run.

“I have known Dr. Oz for many years, as have many others, even if only through his very successful television show. He has lived with us through the screen and has always been popular, respected and smart,” Trump said.

“He even said that I was in extraordinary health, which made me like him even more (although he also said I should lose a couple of pounds!).”

Big League Politics has covered questionable positions of Dr. Oz in the past, highlighting that he has gone on record as supporting abortion rights as recently as 2019. The celebrity ‘doctor’ similarly argued that the legal standard of Roe V. Wade should remain unchallenged.

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