Driver of Illegal Immigrants Crashes Into Truck, Ending Police Chase

Damion Michael Rodriguez, 24, was arrested in Laredo, Texas and charged with “smuggling of persons” among other crimes.

Rodriguez led police on a “car chase” Tuesday that ended with the accused human smuggler hitting a Ford utility truck, according to KGNS, which reported that “officers found out that Rodriguez was allegedly transporting undocumented immigrants.”

Nevertheless, Laredo’s Democrat mayor Pete Saenz argued against President Trump’s border wall in a recent NPR interview, instead pitching a “virtual wall” idea.

“So anyway, our position there in Laredo is we don’t need a physical wall. We have a natural barrier. And we expressed that to him. We consistently kept that position. I’m also the chairman of the Texas Border Coalition, which is really mayors and judges from Brownsville to El Paso, and consistently, we’ve kept that policy. You know, we could do without a physical wall. We’re very much for border security. Believe us. We need border security,” Saenz said.

“We’re proposing a virtual wall concept,” Saenz said.

Would the “virtual wall” have shut down this driver’s smuggling business?

Texas is having massive problems with illegal immigration, highlighted by ICE dropping off hundreds of migrants at an El Paso bus station because a court order dictated their release.

Democrat congresswoman Veronica Escobar recently  described the “real crisis”that El Paso faced due to Sun Bowl college football teams taking up hotel rooms that have been sheltering the illegal immigrants.

Now, an arrest has been made stemming from an alleged motel room attack in El Paso:

KTSM reports: “Police arrested a Guatemalan man Tuesday for allegedly breaking into a hotel room and attempting to sexually assault a Guatemalan woman while she was holding her one-year-old child.

Police said both the victim and the offender were being housed at the Budget Inn Motel on Paisano when the alleged attack happened.

Investigators identified the suspect as Francisco Tojin Maldonado, 23, from Guatemala.

Police said the woman was bathing her infant in the hotel room Tuesday when the man walked in, groped her under her clothing and pressed himself against her.”

KTSM passage ends

Here is Veronica Escobar’s first House floor speech agitating against the Wall:

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