Drugging ‘Transgender’ Children Results in Greater Risk of Suicide, According to New Analysis

One of the big lies told by the LGBT movement is that so-called “gender-affirming care” helps transgender individuals avoid the massively-elevated risk of suicide associated with the lifestyle.

These are the lies perpetrated by pro-trans groups such as The Trevor Project in order to stop legislation meant to protect children from being drugged and prepared for mutilation by profit-driven doctors who have made a mockery of their Hippocratic Oath.

“Medical affirming care can include treatments that postpone physical changes as well as treatments that lead to changes that would affirm one’s gender identity. Pubertal suppression, commonly known as “puberty blockers,” is used to delay the onset of puberty, and hormone therapy is used to promote gender-affirming physical changes. Pubertal suppression and hormone therapy are two components of patient-centered care for youth that have been supported by empirical evidence,” the Trevor Project writes on their website to advocate the drugging of children.

However, an analysis by Intellectual Takeout shows that these “empirical studies” are being severely misrepresented, and that drugging children to prevent natural bodily development isn’t good for their mental and physical health after all.

Bioethics writer Michael Cook came to the conclusion that one commonly cited study from Sept. 2019 is methodologically dubious. It came to the conclusion “gender identity conversion efforts” are associated with an “increased odds of lifetime suicide attempts.”

The study recruited 27,715 people through LGBT advocacy organizations, was authored by transgender people with a clear agenda to promote their own lifestyle, ignored the differences between people with gender dysmorphia and people who identify as transgender, and did not control for individuals with psychiatric illness.

“The number of persons who at one point suffered from GD but no longer do far outnumbers those who have persistent and consistent GD and thus identify as transgender,” a critic of the study pointed out.

Cook also noted many problems with another study that determined “access to puberty blockers during adolescence is associated with lower odds of transgender young adults considering suicide.” This study from the journal Pediatrics is routinely used to justify the drugging of vulnerable and confused children who have been led to believe they are transgender.

However, the actual results of the study seem to show that this conclusion is grossly misleading at best. The study demonstrated virtually no difference in people who considered suicide and made a plan to do it in the past year for those on puberty blockers against those not on puberty blockers. It also showed that the percentage who actually went through with a suicide attempt actually increased slightly within those on puberty blockers versus those not on puberty blockers.

The most startling statistic found in the study was that the number of individuals who attempted suicide and were hospitalized in the last 12 months actually doubled from 22.8 percent to 45.5 percent when comparing those off puberty blockers with those on the harmful drugs. The data is fudged, Cook believes, because proponents of transgenderism focus on suicide attempts and suicidal thoughts of people over the course of their lifetime, which are inherently less accurate.

Cook notes that “memories of a whole lifetime are bound to be foggy; memories of the past 12 months will be sharper and more accurate.”

“For parents, it must be terrifying when trans kids talk about suicide. But most of them eventually break through their emotional confusion and will be happy with their gender identity. In most cases, parents just need to wait out the storm,” Cook wrote.

“What should really terrify them is the reality of transitioning. Like poor Jazz Jennings, their kids could end up mutilated for life – and still they might be at risk of committing suicide,” he concluded.

When it is all said and done, the medical treatment of transgender children could go down as one of the most ghastly examples of scientific atrocities in all of human history.

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