Duke University Academics Discuss Child Orgasms and Drugging Kids with Puberty Blockers

A candid conversation by academics at Duke University just shows how sick and immoral the child-abusing leftist establishment has become now that they have obtained cultural power in America.

The Zoom talk that is going viral on social media shows a group of intellectuals discussing drugging children and altering their biological chemistry with puberty blockers. They also talk about the best ways of ensuring child orgasm through masturbation.

“Every single child or adolescent who is truly [puberty] blocked…has never experienced orgasm. I mean, it’s really about zero. These are the, of course, just assigned male at birth, so trans feminine, and it’s because they are never in their lives exposed to testosterone. That doesn’t change,” one academic stated.

“They’re going to have this sensation. There’s no question about that but are they going to be able to achieve sexual satisfaction? It’s important in relationships,” she added.

While all sane people who can still think straight and haven’t had their souls destroyed by the LGBT plague would say that trans people are suffering in this manner because of how abusive and unnatural it is to drug children and prepare them to be scarred and mutilated for life, the academics are instead demanding more mad science and perversion in response to the horrors they have already caused.

“We’re talking about an area of the body that’s got very dysphoric for you, but you know what, it’s…all a penis is is a large clitoris. It’s all the same material, it really is,” the psychotic deranged woman stated.

A clip from the discussion can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how ideas of child abuse and pedophilia are being mainstreamed and taught as tolerance through the higher education system:

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has hired an academic who regularly defends the rights of “minor-attracted persons” and was previously fired from a similar job for comments defending the virtuosity of pedophiles.

LGBT activist Allyn Walker, author of “A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit Of Dignity,” is on a quest to realize societal acceptance for pedophiles, who he refers to under the softening euphemism of “minor-attracted persons.”

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