Dutch Government Cracks Down On Farmers Protesting ‘Climate Change’ Policies

© AP Photo/Peter Dejong Protesting farmers block a draw bridge at a lock in the Princess Margriet canal in Gaarkeuken, northern Netherlands, Monday, July 4, 2022.

It appears that workers around the world are learning from the Canadian Freedom Convoy! Dutch farmers in the Netherlands have been engaged in protests nationwide against their country’s new ‘climate’ policies, with demonstrators saying they will prevent them from earning an honest living, The Federalist reports.

Dozens of farmers in trucks and tractors reportedly parked outside major supermarket distribution centers in cities throughout the country on Monday in hopes of causing massive inconvenience for the government. This blockade comes after a convoy protest of approximately 40,000 farmers took “the central Netherlands’ agricultural heartland” by storm last week, blocking up local roads and forcing vehicles into gridlock traffic.

Reuters reported that the demonstrations came in response to “targets introduced last month” by the Dutch government “to reduce harmful nitrogen compounds by 2030,” which authorities argue “are necessary in emissions of nitrogen oxides from farm animal manure and from the use of ammonia in fertilizer.”

Initiatives by the Dutch government would without a doubt destroy the careers of many in the nation’s private agricultural industry, with expected regulations “expected to include reducing livestock and buying up some farms whose animals produce large amounts of ammonia.”

“The honest message … is that not all farmers can continue their business,” admitted the government in a statement last month.

Dutch fishermen have also joined in on the fun, apparently using ships to jam up ports throughout the country.

“In Harlingen, they blocked the port with trawlers meaning ferries to the islands of Terschelling and Vlieland could not leave for hours,” Euro News reported.

This does not mark the first time The Netherlands has seen such protests.  Similar convoy protests were seen back in 2019.

The Dutch government has not responded with a gentle hand. Police reportedly deployed tear gas and dogs on Monday in order to break up protests in cities such as Heerenveen, where farmers apparently blocked off entrances to a Lidl distribution center.

Anger expressed by Dutch officials pertaining to the protests have lead some to worry that the government may grow more heavy-handed in its response should the protests continue. Responses of a totalitarian state have been predicted by some, as has been seen in Canada following the nation’s various convoy protests in response to Covid-19 mandates. Big League Politics previously covered several stories pertaining to the topic which can be found here.

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