Dutch Populist Leader Thierry Baudet Says Dutch Farmers are Revolting Against the “Great Reset” Agenda 

Thierry Baudet, the founder and leader of Forum for Democracy, believes that Dutch farmers are standing up to the “Great Reset” agenda by protesting the Dutch government’s climate policies. 

“The real point here is the Great Reset, mass migration, [and] transnational governance. And that’s why the people have to become atomized—they have to lose their connection with the land. And that’s why they’re hitting the farmers,” Baudet declared.

According to a report by Nathan Worcester of The Epoch Times, Baudet made these comments during a July 8 interview on EpochTV’s “Facts Matter.” 

Baudet claims that the Dutch government’s policy is the result of pressure coming from the European Union (EU). 

“How is it possible that in an age where everybody’s talking about the possibility of food shortages, of insecure supply chains, the Dutch government is pursuing this policy which will lead to even more dependence on international supply chains and, thus, uncertainty for the Dutch people?” Baudet declared. “The answer is the people governing this country are following the script written by the EU, to realize what they call a Great Reset. They want to make us more dependent on international supply chains. They want to weaken Dutch sovereignty and autonomy.”

Baudet and other Dutch political figures such as the right-wing nationalist Dutch House of Representatives member Geert Wilders have claimed that the government is trying to seize farmland on the cheap in order to construct more housing for migrants. 

Baudet noted that Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s current government has maintained the mass migration floodgates open. 

According to government statistics, net migration has been climbing upwards in recent years. In 2021, migration picked up again after plummeting during 2020, when the Wuhan virus was at its peak. 

Worcester observed that “Net migration to the Netherlands, a country of roughly 17.2 million people, totaled 108,275 in 2021.”

“If you bring in 100,000 people a year net, then your nitrogen oxide emissions are going to increase anyway,” Baudet observed.

“Nobody’s making these larger analyses of what’s going to happen to the economy in the longer run. How are our policies internally consistent with one another?”

For Baudet, there is a lot at stake for the farmers in this case.

“Farmers, and in general people living on the land and off the land and with the land, have a strong connection to the history they’re proud of. They’re often family companies that have been in that family for several generations. And so these are not postmodern, post-historical, post-national people,” Baudet remarked.

“They’re proud family people who have their own business, who live off their own land, [and] who have a connection to the history and to the nature of this country. And so, they form a direct threat to the globalists’ post-territorial, post-identitarian agenda,” the Dutch leader concluded. 

Baudet is one of the most outspoken populist leaders in Europe. Although Europe is notorious for having governments that tend to be globalist in outlook, there’s a budding populist movement that has been given new life during the present economic upheaval caused by the region’s sanctions against Russia. 

Should the EU ruling class not reverse course and start upholding the interests of its constituent nations, the populists will only grow stronger and potentially defeat the establishment further down the line. 

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