Duterte To Try To Talk Trump Out of War

Rodrigo Duterte

Firebrand Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte is set to call President Donald Trump Saturday.

Among other issues, Duterte plans to encourage Trump not to go to war with North Korea, at least not yet.

Speaking to foreign leaders at an event in Manila, Duterte said. “I am expecting a call from President Trump tonight. Who am I to say you should stop but I would just say Mr. President please see to it that there’s no war because my region will suffer immensely. Everybody is worried.”

Duterte’s war on drugs in his country has been a bit more stringent than Nancy Reagan’s, leading to accusations of too many extrajudicial killings by anti-narcotics agents. But despite international criticism, Duterte’s grasp on the country and recognition among other world leaders remains solid.

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