Dying Legacy Media Mocks Trump FBI Spy Claim; FBI Confirms He’s Right

President Donald J. Trump has received huge backlash from America’s opposition party, the mainstream media, over now-confirmed claims that the FBI placed an informant inside his campaign.

Trump tweeted:


The dying legacy media mocked him for his claim.

“The tweet refers to the claim, increasingly popular among Trump’s most ardent defenders, that the FBI had a spy in his campaign,” wrote New York Magazine. 

CNN spun the now-proven claim as an attempt by Trump to smear those running the investigation against him.

“His gambit Sunday also fits into an effort by the White House, Trump’s allies on Capitol Hill and conservative media cheerleaders to muddy the reputations and any eventual findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team as well as to cement the President’s political base,” said a CNN op-ed published Sunday.

“DOJ seeks probe of FBI conduct in 2016 campaign after ‘spy’ claim,” reads an NBC News headline. The word “spy” is in quotation marks as though there is some question as to whether Trump was spied on.

But once again the mainstream media has chosen the wrong side simply to push a false narrative. As reported by Big League Politics, the FBI has already admitted to spying on the Trump campaign.

BLP reported:

“In the largest scandal in American law enforcement history, President Donald J. Trump’s campaign was infiltrated by at least one FBI informant who monitored the activity of his associates.

“[T]his week [House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes’] efforts did force the stunning admission that the FBI had indeed spied on the Trump campaign,” said a Thursday Wall Street Journal piece.

WSJ referred to a New York Times piece that said “government ‘officials’ acknowledged that the bureau had used ‘at least one’ human ‘informant’ to spy on both Carter Page and George Papadopoulos.””

In plain English, the FBI said that they placed an informant inside the Trump campaign for purpose of spying on two Trump campaign members. Yet CNN, NBC and other mainstream sources refuse to acknowledge this fact.

“President Trump is marking the one-year anniversary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election interference with angry tweets, including one labeling the investigation the “greatest Witch Hunt in American History” and another accusing the “Obama FBI” of spying on his campaign,” said the New York Magazine piece.

Is it somehow a crazy claim that Obama’s FBI spied on Trump when the FBI has confirmed that Obama’s FBI spied on Trump? Who else could have been in charge of the FBI – an executive agency – when Obama was the country’s chief executive?

Once again, Trump is vindicated and the mainstream press is left holding the bag.

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