East Virginia Medical School Spent $368,000 Investigating Ralph Northam Blackface Photo

Ralph Northam’s alpha mater spent $368,000 investigating the infamous blackface photo he appeared in, but still can’t definitely conclude that he was the individual wearing the racially charged costume.

East Virginia Medical School originally published the photo in their class of 1984 yearbook. The photo created a massive controversy surrounding Virginia Governor Ralph Northam when it was published by Big League Politics. Northam originally took responsibility for appearing in blackface, only to double back and claim he merely appeared on the same page of the yearbook.

A Freedom of Investigation Act request has revealed that EVMS began a lengthy investigation into the photo shortly after it was exposed. The Norfolk public school contracted a law firm called McGuire-Woods.

The law firm released a 55-page report detailing their conclusions, but didn’t definitively determine who exactly was in the blackface photo. It appears that EVMS is now obligated to pay the lawyers a whopping $368k for nothing at all, still left in the dark as to who appeared in blackface and the KKK costume.

It’s doubtful that even the fanciest and prestigious of Washington D.C law firms can nail down the concrete identities of people who appeared in yearbook prank photos from 20 or 30 years ago. But EVMS’s investigation could set a very profitable precedent for lawyers who want to seek work launching comprehensive investigations into something they can’t deliver on.

Meanwhile, Northam inexplicably continues to squat in office almost a year after admitting he wore blackface in a college yearbook photo. The Democrat has since adopted a consistent set of pro-diversity talking points, ignoring the reality that he’s far from qualified to do so.

Canada’s Justin Trudeau may want to seek advice from Northam, should he hope to weather his own blackface photo controversy.

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