Eating Crickets Becomes More Mainstream As Food Brands, Celebs Promote The Protein Over Meats

You might have noticed that various media outlets and companies have been pushing the idea that eating insects are a good substitute for protein compared to meat.

Over the years, stories have surfaced about the benefits of eating bugs and plant-based meats like the “impossible burger” instead of chicken and steak. So-called “conspiracy theorists” have equated this push to the World Economic Forum’s “you will own nothing and be happy” platform that includes humans consuming bugs for environmental reasons.

That concern is panning out to be valid more and more by the day, as snack foods are now being made with crickets (often without consumer knowledge) as a primary ingredient.

For example, a Canadian food brand called ActuallyFoods lists Organic Cricket Flour as one of its ingredients. Then they claim their latest cheese puffs are “actually” good for you, and that they are a “smarter way to snack.”

“We’ve ditched so-called ‘natural’ ingredients that are actually not as clean as they claim. Instead, we’re making something you can feel good about, using unexpected ingredients that, although surprising, actually boast the health benefits you’re looking for: like high-protein cricket powders, fava bean, and more,” they wrote on their site.

ActuallyFoods’ site continues: “We prioritize the planet just as much as we do our health. Our superfoods produce less emissions and waste than traditional health foods, so they’re an easy choice for eco-friendly eaters.”

“Powered by sustainably farmed, organic crickets, our puffs are high in protein, rich in vitamins such as B12, and a natural source of prebiotics,” it added.

Per The Post Millennial: “Some say that crickets and other insects are being prepared for the public to consume due to food shortages, which may or may not be planned.”

Users online have noticed this trend in normalizing bug eating, similar to how coordinated these media companies have been in the process of allowing gender changes.

Big companies like PBS America have hosted various events surrounding the topic. Where they have discussed at great questionable length about health benefits crickets provide, along with how eating bugs instead of meat can help “our warming planet.”

In another example, Canada recently announced that it has completed its construction of the world’s largest cricket production facility. Even celebrities have started eating bugs and promoting it as some nuanced way of consuming protein.

As Edward Snowden warned on Twitter: “You’re gonna eat the crickets.”

“They’re gonna be everywhere,” he added. “They’re gonna put em in Hot Pockets. your kids are gonna be like “mom! i want the pizza crickets!”

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