Editorial Board of University of Virginia’s Newspaper has Urged for the Removal of References to Thomas Jefferson

According to a report by Breccan F. Thies of Breitbart News, the editorial board of the Cavalier Daily, University of Virginia’s newspaper, urged the university to take down references to the university’s founder and Founding Father Thomas Jefferson. 

The University is still exploiting the hysteria that emerged from the August 12, 2017, “Unite the Right” rally. On August 11, the editorial board stressed that the university must “do more” to cleanse itself of what took place that day. 

In a letter, University President Jim Ryan declared that the day of the Unite the Right Rally still “brings difficult memories and a sobering reminder that our country is not yet free from bigotry, racism, and intolerance.” He added, “We cannot, and should not, forget those dark days five years ago.”

As Thies observed, the Cavalier Daily editorial board “typically uses the yearly passing of August 12 to call for something radical — and this year was no different.”

In its post, the editorial board called for “creat[ing] a physical environment that reflects our commitment to equality and disavowal of white supremacy.”

“We reject how the University’s physical environment — one that glorifies racists, slaveholders and eugenicists with statues and buildings named in their honor — upholds an enduring culture of white supremacy,” the editorial board continued.

For the editorial board, Jefferson’ presence at the university — the very university he founded — played a role in inspiring the Unite the Right event. 

“There is a reason why they felt comfortable marching through Grounds. Our physical environment — from statues to building names to Jefferson’s overwhelming presence — exalts people who held the same beliefs as the repugnant white supremacists in attendance at the ‘Unite the Right’ rally,” the editorial board declared. “These buildings must be renamed and memorials removed.”

The cultural Left does not play around. They use all sorts of incidents to justify their iconoclastic agenda. Removing Thomas Jefferson is not about promoting safe spaces on university campuses. What it’s really about is the erasure of American history. 

This makes it much easier for the ruling class to advance its post-national agenda once the country is completely stripped of its cultural heritage and has no civic traditions to rally around. Any right-wing organization worth its salt at UVA, and other institutions facing similar assaults for that matter, must stand up for American history and not let these iconoclasts erase this nation’s precious history.

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