EL PASO: Roar of Trump’s Rally Crowd Impossible to Ignore At Beto’s Much Smaller Rally

President Trump’s ‘Finish the Wall’ Rally in El Paso Monday dwarfed the size of a Beto O’Rourke event in the city meant to compete with the event, and those present at the former could literally hear it.

Audio from the Trump rally at the El Paso Coliseum could be heard all the way from Beto’s much smaller event a quarter mile away, according to eye-witnesses.

Live feed of the President’s rally reveals a packed stadium, and Trump stated that around 10,000 people got into the venue before the fire marshals declared no more attendees could come inside, a frequent occurrence at Trump rallies dating back to his campaign events as a candidate in 2015.

Visuals of O’Rourke’s distraction revealed a much more humble event. Embarrassing photographs of a scattered crowd surfaced.

It seemed that less than 1,000 people rallied with Beto at the same time of the Trump rally, an unusual occurrence for a rally by a popular liberal former congressman in one of Texas’ most Democratic cities. T

O’Rourke sought to send a message against Donald Trump’s call for the construction of a ‘big, beautiful wall-‘ failing to notice the irony of El Paso’s international border with Juarez, Mexico, being securely fenced off by tight barriers. Donald Trump Jr. called for Beto to prove his point by holding a rally across the border.

Perhaps the potential 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate could take a tip from the President’s public events, having been outdrawn in his own former congressional district. The President noticed the disparity, highlighting Beto’s comparatively small crowd.

Is there any place more fun to be than a Trump rally?” –President Donald J. Trump


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