Elected Democrat in CT Throws Expletive Laden Fit on Twitter, Calls for Gun Confiscation

An Democrat elected official in Connecticut is blatantly calling for gun confiscation.

And she’s using foul language to get her anti-gun views across.

Pamela Parkington, the Commissioner of Connecticut’s of Third Taxing District, got into a squabble with a pro-Second Amendment user on Twitter in the wake of the El Paso Walmart massacre.

She first started out by saying “Hopefully soon they will come take your guns. Signed, Americans who are sick of this shit and your need for your fucking dick extensions. Ps: real men don’t need a gun to prove that they are a man.”

Parkington then said that only law enforcement and military personnel should possess guns.

They are charged with protecting the public and Country, you sir are not. Therefore no need for you or any other civilian to have them. Especially ones that are more powerful than what the police carry and are close to military grade. You’re fucking whining is tiresome.


After the gun rights supporter made his case for private firearms ownership, the Commissioner of Connecticut’s TTD responded by saying “Not whining, just fucking tired of of people getting killed because small dick fearful men can’t fucking function without a gun. That ain’t freedom hon.”

For a public official, one would think that Parkington would exercise a minimal amount of decorum. However, this is 2019 and the Left has become increasingly unhinged during the Trump presidency.

The anti-gun radicalism that Parkington displayed is par for the course from the state she hails from. Connecticut has some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation, which have earned it a 45th place ranking according to Guns & Ammo magazine.

The fallout from the El Paso shooting is definitely being exploited by the anti-gun Left.

The question is will Republicans fold to the Left and the media’s pressure?

We’ve already seen certain Republicans like Senator Lindsey Graham work on red flag gun confiscation legislation.

The next few weeks will likely be filled with widespread debate on the issue and potential attempts to sneak gun control underneath the noses of gun rights activists.

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