ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Twitter Employee That Censored Trump Campaign Tweet is Former Kamala Harris Operative

A Twitter employee that announced the platform was censoring a tweet from the @TeamTrump campaign account is a former Kamala Harris operative.

Nick Pacilio describes himself as such openly on his Twitter bio.

The Twitter communications chief announced that a tweet from the TeamTrump account violated Twitter’s rules on supposed ‘misinformation’ about coronavirus.

The tweet in question had described children as “nearly immune” to COVID-19. Children can get coronavirus(at lower rates than adults), although their potent immune systems generally prevent the virus from becoming serious.

The TeamTrump account had been forcibly suspended after the tweet, and was unable to use Twitter until the account agreed to delete it. Initial fake news reports from the Washington Post claimed that President Donald Trump’s account itself had been temporarily suspended from the platform under the same conditions, but that was revealed to be misinformation by Twitter communications.

This is naked election interference. A Democrat operative associated with a possible Joe Biden running mate is openly overseeing the censorship of one of the President’s primary campaign accounts on Twitter.

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