Election Meddling: YouTube Kicks Immigration Patriot Group VDARE Off Its Platform

YouTube continued its crusade against free speech by suspending immigration restriction website VDARE on August 10, 2020. And it did so on the grounds that VDARE allegedly violated its so-called “hate speech” policies.

The immigration restriction website is appealing the decision and seeking to build other alternatives. So far, VDARE has over 12,000 subscribers and joins other channels such as American Renaissance, InfoWarsStefan MolyneuxNick Fuentes or RedIce that have been sent to the digital gulag.

Lydia Brimelow, VDARE’s advancement officer, made it clear why YouTube took down VDARE:

This YouTube atrocity is yet another reminder that the forces behind Donald Trump’s improbable 2015-2016 rise to the White House—remember, he literally ran and won on the patriotic immigration reform platform that VDARE.com has long advocated–are being repressed, in a clear and conscious campaign of election interference by the Tech Totalitarians.

Previously, BLP reported on VDARE potentially getting kicked off the Internet by its domain registrar. However, this fear ended up being a false alarm thankfully.

Followers can still find VDARE content at Bitchute.

Organizations like VDARE get censored for the simple reason that they promote issues like immigration restriction — a clear deviation from the managerial orthodoxy.

The very fabric of the American nation is at stake, which has led many dissidents to take up the mantle of immigration patriotism. VDARE has been a leader in exposing the effects of mass migration for over two decades. Such work has put them in the crosshairs of the Big Tech hive mind.

Right wing dissidents can still support them through tax-deductible donations, subscribe to their mailing list, and sign up to receive their VDARE Quarterly if they prefer to receive hard copies of their content.


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