Elizabeth Warren Talks About Plight of the Cherokees At Senate Hearing

Sen. Elizabeth A. Warren (D.-Mass.) (File photo) and statue of Pocahontas at Historic Jamestowne (Big League Politics photo by Kari Donovan)

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren tried to pull heartstrings in a Senate hearing Thursday using the plight of the Cherokee Nation, which has filed lawsuits against companies related to the opioid crisis.

Warren, a recipient of pharmaceutical industry campaign cash, cited the Cherokee Nation, which she falsely claimed to be related to. Warren has been doubling down on her Native American references as she continues to be dogged by her past. Warren famously claimed to be a Native American to get teaching jobs at two Ivy League law schools, despite not being a Native American.

“More than 30 cities and towns in Massachusetts have already filed lawsuits, and a number of Native tribes, including the Cherokee Nation, have also sued in both tribal and federal courts,” Warren said.

Branded by President Trump as “Pocahontas,” Warren is no favorite of American Indian tribes.

“She was not a hero to me when she failed to foster a haven of support for Native students within Harvard University‚Äôs alienating Ivy League culture. She is not a hero for spending years awkwardly avoiding Native leaders. She is not a hero because, despite claiming to be the only Native woman in the U.S. Senate, she has done nothing to advance our rights,” wrote Cherokee writer Rebecca Nagle for ThinkProgress.

“She is not from us. She does not represent us. She is not Cherokee,” Nagle wrote.