Elizabeth Warren Listed Race as “American Indian” on State Bar Form

The publication of a Texas State Bar form in which Massachusetts Senator listed her race as “American Indian” on Monday has raised questions about her dubious use of the self-identification for career advantages.

The form, published by the Washington Post, contains the clear response of “American Indian” next to “Race.” It was submitted to the Texas Bar in 1986.

Warren’s claims of significant Native American ancestry, which she circulated over the course of decades in the context of her professional and political careers, have been thoroughly debunked.

In an attempt to substantiate her claims, Warren released the results of a DNA test that supposedly demonstrated she was 1/1024th Native American in ancestry. The test results release was met with widespread mockery, as it suffices to say that such a distant connection to Native American peoples is not substantial enough to claim American Indian ancestry.

As a result of the backlash against her ancestry claims, Warren has been forced to apologize for invoking her supposed heritage throughout her career. She repeated her apology on Tuesday when asked if it applied to her claims of Native ancestry as a student at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard.

Although she’s apologized to the public for her Native Americans, Elizabeth Warren has issued several denials that she used her supposed ethnic identity as a means to secure personal advantages. It’s clear that she saw it fit to list her fictitious American Indian status on college applications, academic biographies, and state bar forms- casting a shadow upon her claim.

It’s clear at this point that Warren used her false claim of Native American ancestry with the hopes of securing benefits from it. Not only deceptive and irresponsible, but an insult to genuine Native American organizations- who have been forced to clarify that modern-day ancestry tests are of questionable use in demonstrating American Indian heritage.

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