Elon Musk Believes Ukraine Could Lose Odessa and Become Landlocked If It Rejects Negotiations

Ukraine runs the risks of losing Odessa and access to the Black Sea if it refuses to negotiate with Russia, Twitter owner and Tesla owner Elon Musk stated.

“However, if the war lasts long enough, Odessa will fall too… Whether Ukraine loses all access to the Black Sea or not is, in my view, the real remaining question. I recommend a negotiated settlement before that happens,” he wrote on the social media platform X.

“It was a tragic waste of life for Ukraine to attack a larger army that had defense in depth, minefields and stronger artillery when Ukraine lacked armor or air superiority!” Musk added.

What the multi-billionaire is saying here is spot-on. The fact is that the longer this conflict goes and/or the more US and its satrapies in NATO escalate the conflict through additional military aid or direct military intervention, the more likely that Russia will move towards completely destroying the Ukrainian state. For Russia, a western-aligned Ukraine, especially one that will receive military support and intelligence, is an existential threat that will not be tolerated by Russia. 

Given these circumstances, Russia will go all out to prevent Ukraine’s entry into NATO. The US would do the same if the Eurasian giants such as China and Russia parked military assets in Cuba, Mexico, or any other country in the Western Hemisphere that is geographically proximate to the US.  Some geopolitical empathy is needed in this case.

To save Ukraine, the Collective West must push for some type of peace process to occur. The current approach will only lead to Ukraine’s total annihilation in the long-term.. 

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