Elon Musk Believes United States is “Debasing” by Sending Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

In a Twitter post that Elon Musk published on July 15, 2023, the billionaire magnate claimed that the United States is “debasing” itself by sending internationally prohibited cluster munitions to Ukraine. He believes that this is an act of “desperation.” 

Musk started by responding to a post by neoconservative Senator Tom Cotton, a known military aid booster for Ukraine. Cotton initially tweeted, “If Russia laid down its arms, there would be peace. If Ukraine laid down its arms, there would be no Ukraine. The fastest way to achieve peace is for Biden to stop pussyfooting around and give Ukraine the weapons it needs to take back its territory. Then Putin will negotiate.”

Muske responded,  “Sending more weapons will change the body count, but not the outcome.”

Musk believes that efforts by the West to arm Ukraine to defeat Russia are a fool’s errand. Moreover, he believes that the human costs will be high. He laid out some uncomfortable facts: “Russia has at least 4 times the artillery of Ukraine and 10 times the ammunition.” 

He added, “We have run out of normal ammunition to send Ukraine, so now send them cluster bombs in desperation, debasing ourselves with no change to the outcome.”

One of the harsh realities of American politics is how clueless so-called “experts” are with regards to the realities of geopolitics. In fact,  non-political specialists such as Elon Musk have more insightful commentary on foreign affairs than they do. Indeed, there is a clear deficit in terms of elite decision-making and intellectual talent across legislative halls and academic institutions in American. 

The result has been the creation of a dysfunctional ruling class that’s incapable of executing policies that uphold the national interest. If we want a saner political climate, we must have a new elite holding the levers of power. If not, the US will undoubtedly descend into a prolonged stage of decline.

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